WOW Wednesday Music Shuffle – No Excuse Mix

!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); I just recently found out that the five year old daughter of Joseph “Taco” Russell is fighting a courageous battle with childhood cancer.   #E2TG sends all kinds of love and good thoughts and prayers to the entire Taco Land family.  I sometimes think of the bands/artists, I’ve gotten to know as part of an extended Ear to the Ground Family, and Taco Land has been a big part of that for a good portion of our history.

Right now you can get an “Audrey Strong”  bracelet plus a free download of Heart of Texas by Taco Land for a $1 (or more) donation (proceeds go to St. Jude.)  Here is the link to bandcamp

from Taco Land:

Support bracelet for Taco’s 5yr old daughter whom is fighting childhood cancer. Bracelet is Gold. This color represents the fight against all Childhood Cancers. All monies will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Bracelet comes with free download of song “Heart of Texas” which has Audrey opening the song by saying, “I love Daddy!”

Includes unlimited streaming of Heart of Texas via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Today, we hit our mid-week stride and explore the underbelly of my phone’s memory card (not really, but we do shuffle through the entire memory banks to come up with Morning Shuffle for today).    I’m not sure that there is any sort of theme or sense to today’s shuffle…. but that works for me…

“Pretty Little Rebel” by John Eddie from John Eddie

The iconic singer-songwriter John Eddie has been making great music for decades.  These one goes all the way back to his self-titled debut album (1986).   Trivia: Eddie did a simple awesome cover of The Cure’s “In Between Days” on the Elektra Records 40th Anniversary album Rubaiyat.

“Accomplices” by The Gypsy West from Accomplices III: No Barcodes

Things have been quiet since The Gypsy West completed their epic and awesome Accomplices set of EPs.  You may remember #E2TG reviewed the last album of the trilogy back in January of 2013. If you don’t remember – check it out here.

“Brick x Brick” by Christopher Paul Stelling from False Cities

A very cool song from the latest album by this NYC singer/songwriter who I failed to see in Nashville due to The Bluebird show selling out… 😦

“No Excuse” by L.A. Symphony from The End is Now

Nothing like some west coast  alternative hip-hop vibe to shake things up…

“Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” by Herman’s Hermits from the album of the same name.

Just ’cause Peter Noone was dreamy….

“Lovable” by Elvis Costello from King of America
And a song from Elvis Costello’s legendary  mid 80’s  T. Bone Burnett produced album.. ’cause. Elvis is still the king!

“newestish” by Joseph Mooradian from Soundcloud

Joseph Mooradian is the college-aged son of a friend of mine.  I saw him as a high schooler playing coffee house shows at our church.  He is fond of Damian Jurado among others, and I dig his songs and his voice.  When I get a chance, I grab songs off Soundcloud to add into my mix.  This is an untitled demo from sometime ago (unless “newestish” is the title in which case I stand corrected).  The video is for one of favorite songs of his. 

“Dance Me to the End of Love” by Leonard Cohen from Various Positions

Leonard Cohen is a good addition to any shuffle.  By the way, if your local library participates in the Freegal program, The Complete Studio Album Collection has recently been added to that site.  And yes, in case your wondering, the video for the song from the Jools Holland show that is newish East Nashville resident Julie Christensen (Divine Horsemen) singing background vocals.  Good eye.

“Let it Go” by The Black Ryder from Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

We close out things with a cool track from the 2010 album from Australia’s The Black Ryder.


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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – A Few of My Favorite Things 2013 Mix – Part Five

Stupid winter bugs…. well, I was out sick Friday – so no shuffle.  But, today’s shuffle includes music I would have featured on that day – plus a few more.   I’m actually going to be away for the rest of the week.  Ear to the Ground will return Monday December 30 to present the 3rd Annual Band of the Year award (for the first time not based upon a poll).

Let’s get to the music…

“I Guess That’s True” by Calicocat
“Lincoln” by EdTang
“Hey Grace, Hey Tony” by Grace and Tony
“May the Road Rise to Meet Your Face” by James Crawford
“Afraid to Die” by Monks of Mellonwah
“Screwdriver” by Prince
“Arrival in a Distant Land” by The Gabriel Construct
“Patience” by Mr. Kind
“Halo Day (4 ‘Drew)” by Tim Lee 3
“Bill, I Believe This is Killing Me” by EdTang
“Davey Jones” by The Blind Owl Band
“I’d Rather be High” by David Bowie
“Lonesome Street” by The Blind Owl Band
“Knocking on Heavens Door” by You and Me
“Divine Restlessness” by Marla Mase
“On the Watch (Parts V- XII)” by The Gypsy West
“Tennessee” by The Coal Men
“New Jerusalem” by Valued Customer
“Saint” by Mission South


Sadly, Nashville’s Calicocat called it quits this year, but first, they dropped their brilliant Mighty Superfluous.

Look for Grace and Tony to continue to light things up in 2014. Their debut album November dropped in… well November. 

Reuniting with old classmates on social media can be a hit or miss endeavor. From acrimonious political rankling to endless game requests, there can definitely be a downside.  On the other hand, there are people I didn’t know too well in school who I’ve gotten to know and like through the web.  And then there is James Crawford who just happened to make one of my favorite albums of the year.

Prince and David Bowie released excellent new music in 2013. Go figure.

The Gypsy West kicked off 2013 with the release of the final part of their Accomplices trilogy. We loved it.

Valued Customer.

I saw Mission South at the Basement when I went out to see my friends Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray. They are from D.C. and pretty freakin’ awesome.

(all of our 2013 favorites)

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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Superstar Mix

We’ve reached the end of the week.  To get us into the weekend, I have a long list of additions to the E2TG Hall of Fall, and a pretty sweet little music shuffle.

E2TG Hall of Fame:
13. The Foresters (Bethany, CT) (ed. note: Some may say they are too young for a Hall of Fame, but it’s my Hall of Fame, and by their inspiring dedication to their craft, they have already earned their place – even as I acknowledge their best work is ahead of them – I think that is true for most if not all of our inductees)
14. Those Mockingbirds (Montclair, NJ)
15. You and Me (Montreal, QC)
16. MAKAR (New York, NY)
17. The Gypsy West (Brooklyn, NY)
18. Tipi Valley (Swansea, UK)
19. Jo Wymer (Freehold, NJ)
20. Sci-Fi Romance

The inductees will continue. There are still some major favorites of mine who have not been added  yet.  Rest assured this will be rectified sooner than later.  I want to make more progress on the Hall of Fame Page before I add too many more. 

Here’s the Shuffle-

“Superstar” by Sonic Youth (from If I Were a Carpenter.  Sonic Youth covering Richard and Karen Carpenter’s 70s era hit song.)

“Waitin'” by Caitlin Rose (from Goodbye Summer: 2013 ATO Fall Sampler.  From her latest album The Stand-In.)

“Against the Sky” by Theory of Machines (from EP1.  Another track by this awesomely dark and cinematic band from London – mostly instrumental with some spoken words.)

“Work” by The End Men (a-side to the Work single.  The latest music from our first Hall of Fame inductees. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the incredible video for “Work” which is included in our daily video playlist below.)

“Heat Wave” by The All-About (from Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen: Section 4.  From Fairfield, CT.  “Dance music written and recorded by people who can’t dance for people who can’t dance.” It’s no wonder I dig this.)

“Winter Pockets” by Wild Child (from Pillow Talk. A perfect song for this frosty morning. Austin based Indie Folk.)



Wednesday/Thursday Evening/Morning Music Shuffle – Luckiest Guy in the World Mix

Railroad Bridge – Nashville

Good morning, I am back after a day off… my new earphones are still In-Transit, so today I presenting my mix of yesterday’s drive home and today’s drive in to work.  Jump through to the marvelous musical mixture…

Yesterday on my hot and sweaty drive home, I listened to the following songs:

“Nashville” by Casey Black (It’s always cool to hear a song about the city that has been my home for the past twenty-something years. It’s also cool anytime I can hear a Casey Black song)

“Paul Revere” by Beastie Boys (a history lesson and the first of three by Mike D, MCA, and Ad-Rock)

“Most People” by Dawes (This.)

“She’s Crafty” by Beastie Boys (I don’t think they are talking about Wendy Russell, but I could be wrong)

“That’s the Story of My Life” by The Velvet Underground (That’s the difference between wrong and right)

“My Whole Life” by EdTang (Seriously though EdTang is very cool. Check it out)

“Frank Lloyd Wright” by Joseph Mooradian (a singer-songwriter from Nashville. I first heard him sing at a coffee house show at our church a few years ago.  A mesmerizing vocal style. Check out his Soundcloud for tons of great originals and covers)

“Time to Get Ill” by Beastie Boys (song #3 of this mix from the Boys!)

“This Morning” by Human Face (New music from UK band Human Face!)

Music from this morning:

“The Witching Hour” by The Gypsy West  (I don’t always listen to psych prog rock stuff from Brooklyn, but when I do, it is likely to be The Gypsy West)

“Crows on a Phone Line” by Let’s Active (One of my favorite songs.  I don’t remember if I first loved this song because I used to write a bunch of bad poetry about crows or if I wrote a bunch of bad poetry about crows because I loved this song.  I’m not sure it matters at this point, but the bottom line: This song is awesome, most of my old poetry about crows was not awesome.)

“Till the End of the Day” (Kinks Cover) by Big Star (I never go far, without a little Big Star… seriously though, a classic Kinks tune done by Alex Chilton, Jody Stephens and company – just about all I need…)

“One More Time” by Taco Land (from Pancakes and Pizza – which is truly one of my favorite albums of the year. Joseph Russell’s voice just resonates at the perfect pitch in soul)

“Fields of Clover” by The Box Tops (Before Big Star – 16 year old Alex Chilton recorded what would become a number one hit in 1967. That was “The Letter”. “Fields of Clover” came a year or so later – and was the B-side to a song called “Choo-Choo Train”)

“The Remnant” (Live) by Josh Ritter (recorded at a 2010 show in Dublin.  The Remnant is on the Idaho singer-songwriter’s sixth studio album – So Runs the World Away)



Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Conjuring Mix

Hey ho! It’s Friday! What could be more perfect?


Music after the jump

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Today in the Pre-Shuffle we have:

“Pualei” by EdTang (from Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner)

“Accomplices” by The Gypsy West (from Accomplices III)

“Dromedary” by Dog Without Warning (from Bark – one of my favorite records of the year so far, and they made a video for this song! Check it out in the Playlist at the end of this post)

“Let’s Give It Away” by Taco Land (from Pancakes and Pizza – another favorite

“Hold Onto Hope Love (Andy Hunt Mix/Mastered)” by Amy Stroup (of Sugar and the Hi-Lows)

In the Shuffle

“Corn for Cash” by Alvin Band (from Mantis Preying)

“Hurricane” by Katey Laurel
This is the brand new single from Katey Laurel.  I hope you grabbed this from Noisetrade because it is not longer available on that site.
“Green Eyes” by Callaghan from 40 States and Counting EP
“L.A. Freeway” by Guy Clark from Old No. 1 (1975)


A great song from Guy Clark’s debut album. Released about 38 years ago, a young Steven Earle sings backgrounds on this album.



Monday Morning Music Shuffle – On the Watch Mix


Nice morning has turned into another dreary day here in Nashville.

Ear to the Ground has been featured by a cool music blog called newgazzi! Check it out.

Currently, the playlist from which the Shuffles are drawn is up over 300 songs.  Tons of new and new old music were added over the weekend, and more will be added soon.

Anyway, we have a great mix of songs – so let’s JUMP to it…


“Live Forever” by The Dirty Guv’nahs

“Oh, Rose” by Skeletons in The Piano (from Please Don’t Die – one of our favorite albums of 2013, so far – heard rumblings that SITP are working on a new album now!)

“Your Eyes Shine in the Darkness” by Courrier

“On the Watch (Parts V-XII) by The Gypsy West (from another of our 2013 faves – Accomplices III: No Barcodes – by the way, as substitute video, I have included a video of The Gypsy West covering the Talking Heads classic Life During Wartime)

“Prey” by Let’s Active


“Say Goodbye” by Arc and Stones from Arc and Stones EP (2013)


Arc and Stones (btw, for some reason the “and sign” does weird things to my formatting, so I use the word “and” even when I know the sign is used by the artist…) are a hard rock band from Brooklyn.  Check it out.

 “Annarexia (Bill Laswell Dubmix)” by Marla Mase from Speak (Deluxe) (2013)



  Another of my favorite albums of the year.  The Speak album was actually released last year, but the Deluxe Edition which features this version of the song, Annarexia, was released in March. Marla Mase is a powerful artist/performer.  This dubmix features the legendary Bill Laswell who was part of Golden Palominos among other projects.

“There Are Rules” by The Gypsy West from Accomplices III: No Barcodes (2013)


The Shuffle closes with another track from the Accomplices III EP. This is one of my favorites songs on the EP.


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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Best Ever Mix

(Throw back Friday Pic)

For me, every mix is unique and has value.  Is this the best ever mix? Probably not, that will be Monday or some other time (or many other times in the future).  This is a good mix – a damn good mix.  Why?  ‘Cause it has some of my all time favorites, a couple of brand new (to me) songs that I really dig, a nifty cover, a diverse but not crazily diverse mixture of songs (although I love me some crazily diverse mixtures), and it forces me to break a long-standing officially unofficial blog policy…. but we’ll get to all that.

Meanwhile – let’s just dive right into the mix


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“Mission Bells” by Susan James (One of my favorite albums of 2013 so far is Driving Into the Sun.  This is awesome California folksy rock music with a mellow vibe. Americana, but California-style Americana, and it’s a fantastic album)

“Drinkin’ Problem” by Lori McKenna (I think I may have gotten this from a Popa Tunes compilation – I noticed he was a fan of her music page on Facebook. I am too.  This is a great song. Massachusetts Country Music. Nice.

“Ate” by Alvin Band (From a Noisetrade compilation that includes songs from several different Alvin Band albums. I’m realty growing to dig this music.)

“The Music in My Headphones” by Telepathic Teddy Bear (When someone called Telepathic Teddy Bear follows you on Twitter, you follow back.  When they have music for download, you download. You don’t know why you do this, but you do. And, you are glad you did.  I’m glad I did.)

“Into the Mines” by The End Men (The opening track on The End Men’s latest album, Play With Your Toys, makes big promises and prepares you for something beyond what you would expect from the band.  “Into the Mines” seals the deal.  A chillingly dark tale to be sure.  Remember, this is only a show, but it’s a show you do not want to miss…


“Cool Me Down” by Promised Land Sound from Summer Sampler 2013 (Jeffery Drag Records)


Jeffery Drag Records is a pretty bitchin’ cool label based here in Nashville.  It is the mad brain child of Bad Cop front man Adam Anyone Moult. Last year some time, we reported that Jeffery Drag had become part of the French Kiss Label Group. Anyway, they have this new compilation out on band camp – click on the picture of Promised Land Sound to get to that compilation – and it’s a pretty great mix of music.  Bad Cop, Natural Child, Majestico, and Useless Eaters. Plus it’s got this band.  Promised Land Sound (or Promised Land – I’m kind of confused…) are really great. Hell, they are “Jack White digs them” great (they put out a 7″ on his Third Man label).

“Old School Friends” by Honeyhoney from American Songwriter Sessions (originally on the band’s 2011 album Billy Jack)


Per their Facebook Page, Honeyhoney are from Nashvillle, but now live in Los Angeles. This song left me wanting to hear more from this band.  It’s a song that sounds like a classic, the minute you first lay ears on it.

“Changing” by The Gypsy West from Accomplices III: No Barcodes (2013)


Another of our favorites of 2013.  We reviewed this record early in the year.  The EP is the finale of a trilogy of songs that tell the story of a revolution.  This is the opening song from this EP and highlights the power and the creativity of this Brooklyn band.

Finally – at some point, I made a solemn vow, or an idle promise … I honest don’t remember the circumstances, but I made a promise that I honestly thought would be easy to keep.  But, today, I find my self (sort of) breaking that promise.  There are only a hand full of bands for which I would even consider breaking that promise.

“Boyfriend” (Justin Bieber Cover) by Valued Customer from “Fun Covers”


It helps that this isn’t so much a cover as it is a deconstruction.   I do love me some Valued Customer….  I don’t have a video of the song, but I have a video of Patrick from Valued Customer covering another song – plus another cover of this hit song by another familiar face.. You’ll have to watch the Playlist below to find out.








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