Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Undead Phone Mix

Yes, here we are back with an honest to goodness, real live music shuffle after the incident which will from here on out be known as the Elevator-Eats-Phone incident….

A windy morning – foretells a not unexpected change in the weather. Also a bit of good news to begin my day – not to mention a killer music shuffle to get us back on track…

The Amboys – Ashley Meets the Wolf comes to us via the always fabulous Popa’s Tunes Popakazooza 2012 compilation.  According to the band’s website they aren’t a band, but a movement.  The song comes from the Led Into The Woods collection which you can download now for under $7 (just click the album cover):

And once again, I am blown away by the amazingly, diverse and wonderful sounds coming out of the Garden State.

Talk about having my initial response confirmed in spades…  Build it Up is the title track from the the fabulous EP from The End Men (recent Band of the Week).  I’ve already done by share of raving about the sludgy, propulsive sound of this band.  Go thee to the Amazon and get the EP for under $5 – click on the album cover below:

Our current Band of the Week, Makar are up next with a track from their new album. The album is called Funeral Genius, the song is America Where Are You. Turn back to the Band of the Week post for all my faves, but I’ll just say, I haven’t heard anything by this band that I don’t love.  Get Funeral Genius now:

Finally – some heavy music from a band called the Heavy Eyes.  Iron Giants comes from the bands self-titled album which was released back in October.  This one came our way via the forthcoming The Beyond Beyond is Beyond Psychedelic compilation (due out January 24th) by the folks at Bang Bang Boogaloo. You can grab the whole Heavy Eyes albums by clicking on the album cover below:

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