Band of the Month – The Polls are Open!

It’s time to let you, dear readers, decide which of the great Bands of the Week from January will be the 2nd ever Band of the Month.  I’m glad it’s not up to me…

We began the new year with a band from Brooklyn. The End Men – blew me away when I first gave a listen.  Since then, I’ve been trying make sure everyone knows about this amazing band.  Here’s a taste. Click here to read the Band of the Week feature for The End Men.

 The next band, MAKAR, had come to our attention some time back and their song, I Hate My Job played constantly on the MP3 player of my mind.  The bands latest Funeral Genius is pure… eh-um dare I? genius.  Here’s a live performance from the show they did on my birthday.  How nice of them… Here is their Band of the Week page

 We leave the Big Apple (does the term Big Apple cover all of the boroughs or is it just Manhattan?). Fine – we leave the New York City area and head up to Canada – The Kirby Sewell Band play a silky smooth form of  the blues.  You can read what I wrote when I named them Band of the Week – here:

 Our last Band of the Week for January comes from Brazil and makes amazing electronic noises with some propulsive guitar work to boot. From the Outside is one guy making some amazing music. For us with poor short-term memory (or *gasp* those who might not read every freaking word I write). Here is the Band of the Week feature for From the Outside:

 You can vote now on the left side bar of the blog.

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Band of the Week – Year 2 Week 7 or is it 8 – The Kirby Sewell Band

The Kirby Sewell Band are a sultry, smooth blues-influenced band from Canada.  They have a diverse range of  influences without watering down any of them.  Kirby Sewell has a great voice and the band delivers a tight mix of Americana, Country, Blues and Rock.  Their cover of Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me is cool.  Here listen:

The title track from their album Bought Myself  a Hammer is smooth grooving blues number that just feels familiar.

They are on Facebook and Twitter 

Here is an earlier album -The Blues Found Me.


Or you can get both The Blues Found Me and Bought Myself a Hammer from the band’s store:

Finally – Here’s what other people are saying about Kirby Sewell Band: