Monday Morning Music Shuflle – Gift Horse Mouth Mix

I hope you had a great Record Store Day and got out and supported your local brick and mortar record emporium.  It was a cold, kind of dreary day in Nashville.  Grimey’s New and Pre-loved Music had their annual shin-dig.  I provide a full review of my experience, but suffice it to say everyone seemed to be having a great time.

This year, Ear to the Ground had our own unofficial RSD release in the form of a 14 song compilation available as a free download.  I will be adding the download to the sidebar, but until then, here is the link.

Today’s (Random) Shuffle is from the compilation and includes some of the hardest rocking songs on the compilation. 

 2011 Band of the Year, The Mobbs are represented by the stand out track, Better the Devil You Know from It’s…the Mobbs.

Angry Bird expert, Adam Bird and company, Those Mockingbirds are up next with Coast to Coast – a hard rocking track from the band’s Fa Sol La album.
Brooklyn New York duo, The End Men are up next with the title track off their brilliant EP called Build It Up.  

And finally, December Band of the Month, In Cages are up with Queen Bee   from their debut The Hillsdale EP. Grab the full album here.
We’ll have more on this compilation in the days to come.  Enjoy.  
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Hey ho!  I’ve been out of pocket today, so no music shuffle, but I couldn’t let a day go by without subjecting you… er treating you some music that’s been going through my mind…

First a teaser: one of our earlier Band’s of the Week: Elika are back with a new album that just dropped this month.  I’ve got my grubby little paws on it, and it’s sweet stuff.  A more in-depth discussion is to come, but below is a bit of a tease.

Finn Bonel is a singer-songwriter from South London.  More on his music to come. Here is a video of his called Wedding Song.

The Mobbs were the first annual Band of The Year at Ear to the Ground.  They are planning a U.S. tour for the fall – so stay tuned to this space for more later.  Here is the official video for Jolly Good!  Jolly Good, indeed!

Off topicish, but we’ve lost a couple of greats this week.  Here’s a video of a recitation of Adrienne Rich’s poem ‘song’.  Adrienne Rich died this week at the age of 82.

Earl Scruggs died yesterday at the age of 88.  A true pioneer and innovator of contemporary bluegrass music, his storied career as placed him beside many great musicians of the past several decades.  His work with Bill Monroe and later Lester Flatt are beyond legendary. Here is a selection from Mr. Scruggs…

And the Winner is….. Ear to the Ground – Band of the Year


Bloody hell! The Mobbs won it!  (Mobbs Website) (Mobbs Facebook) (Mobbs Twitter)

Well, they jumped out to an early lead and then kind of faded into the pack.  They made a small move toward the top and then this UK-based Rock bands fans lived up the band’s name and truly mobbed the poll. Leaving The Mobbs as the the first ever Ear to the Ground – Band of the Year.  Congratulations Mobbs! You deserve it.

Here is the official video for Jolly Good:

They just released a new album called It’s the Mobbs…

Click on the album cover to get it! Do it!

Bands of the Week 2011 – Part II – Weeks 9-17

We continue our recap of the 2011 Bands of the Week.  Reminder: Please be sure to vote in the First Annual Reader’s Poll for Band of the Year.

Week 9:  The Mobbs – an honest to goodness – British band with a punk attitude.  They play it fast and nasty and it makes me want to walk around saying “bloody hell” all the time.  Well here check out this video:

Week 10: Mikey Wax – is a singer and songwriter – Long Island born.  He recently released a new album Constant Motion which hit #6 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter chart. Here’s a video for his song In Case I Go Again which has been viewed over a half a million times on You Tube:

Week 11: Elika – are an indie band from Brooklyn.  Their sound features astonishing vocals set atop a complex yet lovely combination of guitar, synth, bass and drum machine. Check out Elika’s video for their song Summer here:

Week 12: Clepto – is a punk band with a definite Middle Eastern influence.  The band formed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2000 and has since relocated to Canada. The play it hard and nasty and the music is not for the faint of heart. For the unfaint of heart it’s a jolly good time….  Check out this video:  NOTE:  I screwed up on the reader’s poll and mispelled the band’s name. I know the band’s name. It was a typo.  So if you like Clepto please vote for Cleto.

Week 13: Simon Fagan – is an Irish singer/songwriter.  He has a unique voice and a great sound.  Look for a new EP coming soon.  Meanwhile check out this video of one of our favorite songs, Something I Don’t Know

Week 14: The Walla Recovery – a cello-folk rock quartet from Texas.  They write moving and beautiful songs.  Here is a video of The Walla Recovery performing a cover of Coldplay’s Til Kingdom Come:

Week 15: Lost Romance – are a New Jersey based rock band.  They play expansive music which lives up to the vast history of New Jersey music.  Here’s a favorite of ours, Top of the World, performed live at The Saint in Asbury Park:

Week 16: Sealight – is a French/Australian band.  Their sound combines acoustic and electronic elements to make a beautiful soundscape.  They recently released their debut EP – Dead Letters which was reviewed here at Ear to the Ground.  Here is the title track from the EP:

Week 17: The Jinxes – are a melodic folk-pop band from Monterey, California. They have a rich creative spirit and a ear for sweet melodies.  Here is a video of a song, we love called Migration:

That’s it for now…. Stay tuned… Part III is coming soon. And be sure to vote.