Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – All My Sorrows Mix

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One day closer to the weekend…. it’s looking like a great weekend for music in Nashville… on my agenda includes a show Friday night at The Basement (the original one) with R.B. Morris and #E2TG favorites Tim Lee 3.  It’s an early show..  Doing some No Depression stuff Saturday and Sunday nights.

We have another fine, fine shuffle… so let’s get to it.

“Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall

Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall opens the shuffle with the song that really put her on the music map.  She performed it live in 2004 on Later…with Jools Holland, and it was included on her debut album, Eye to the Telescope.

“Southern Sun” by Boy and Bear

Boy and Bear are on Australian Indie band. This song was included on their 2013 album Harlequin Dream.  The recording I heard from a World Café session.

“Kid” by The Pretenders

Earlier this week (or maybe late last week – time is elusive) I had a song from Chrissie Hynde’s solo debut. About 35 years earlier, her band The Pretenders released their self-titled debut album, and this song was released as a single from that album.

“Darlin’ Jane” by The Record Company

L.A. Roots/Blues/Rock band The Record Company keep the shuffle going with a swinging little number from their record, Feels So Good. So good.

“An Unlikely Affair” by The Colored Parade

One of Nashville’s best, Andrew Adkins and his band The Colored Parade are up next with a song from their album, …And the Walls of the City Will Shake. The Colored Parade are playing upstairs at City Winery on Sunday night, and you should definitely have that on your calendar.

“Shine Maker” by Jeremiah Tall

Waking is the most recent album by Pennsylvania rocking roots artist, Jeremiah Tall.  Shine Maker is a very short song, but it mighty sweet.

“While Everyone Was Waiting” by Talk in Tongues

I honestly don’t know much about Talk in Tongues.  They are from L.A., and I really liked their sound.  It was kind of reminiscent of some 80s new wavey stuff, but that was just an initial impression.  In any event, this is from a record called, Alone With a Friend.  I just noticed in doing some quick research that they are (coincidently) playing in Nashville on Saturday at Exit/In.  I can’t make it, but check their video in the playlist and if you dig, go check them out.

“Asa Jones’ Blues” by Charlie Parr

Charlie Parr is a folk singer from Duluth, MN.  I wonder if any other folk singers have come from Duluth, Minnesota?  Maybe someone should look that up.  Anyway, this song was included on his 2006 album Backslider.  The recording I heard (and the one in the video playlist) is a 2015 Daytrotter session.

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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Blue Turns Black and White Mix

Today we have an E2TG signature mixture of old and new music, the return of favorites and the first appearance by some soon to be new favorites.  We have it all here in black and white with a tint of blue added for effect…. enjoy!

“Temptation” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

I am emotionally wrung-out and physically feeling a bit under the weather, but we press onwards and upwards… but when your Monday morning commences with Temptation by an Elvis song from Get Happy!!,  you know that despite it all…

“Space Invader” by The Pretenders

An instrumental from the self-titled debut by Chrissy Hynde and company. I guess it’s like their version of “Pac Man Fever” (I’m kidding relax!)

“For Your Eyes” by The Bell Hours

I grabbed this off Noisetrade… The Bell Hours are an indie-folk band from Denver, CO.  This is from their EP called Easy Weather.  I downloaded the EP last night, and so this was my first chance to listen to them.  I definitely want to hear more.

“The Candle and the Flame” by fIREHOSE

Ed Crawford, Mike Watt, and George Hurley from their 1986 debut album, Ragin’ Full On.  fIREHOSE in a mellow mood.

“Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)” by Father John Misty

In other bit of coincidental shuffle timing, we have a song off the forthcoming (due tomorrow) album by Joshua Tillman (called I Love You, Honeybear).  We heard the actual track, not the Midi version which was released for streaming by Father John.

“Kizza Me” by Big Star

One of my favorite tracks on one of my favorite albums – Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers.  This was taken from the Alex Chilton retrospective album called 19 years.

“Memory Deluxe” by Jeremy Gluck/Robert Coyne

I was honored to receive the album  Memory Deluxe: I Knew Buffalo Bill 2, in my inbox via Flicknife Records. The British label released some classic music in the 1980s including albums by Hawkwind, Alien Sex Fiend, and the 1987 predecessor to this album, I Knew Buffalo Bill which featured Gluck along with an all-star band that featured members of Swell Maps, Birthday Party, Crime and the City Solution plus the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce of Gun Club.  The label was resurrected in 2012, and this sequel album features Gluck and Robert Coyne who is the son of the late, lengendary British musician Kevin Coyne. 

“(Takin’ These) Blues to the Highway” by The Sky Kings

Another great sounding song from the very long anticipated album by the early 90s supergroup, The Sky Kings featuring Bill Lloyd (Foster and Lloyd), John Cowan (New Grass Revivial), Patrick Simmons (Doobie Brothers), and Rusty Young (Poco). The album called 1992 was released by Sony this past December.’

“Black and White World” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

The only thing better than an Elvis song in the shuffle is two Elvis songs in the shuffle.

“Blue Turns Black” by Joe Nolan

The title track from the forthcoming remastered album by Nashville singer/songwriter/writer Joe Nolan.  Love it! 

“Female Mudwrestling” by Phranc

From Folksinger.  To be clear, Phranc does not like female mudwrestling.  Special note to Phranc, do not attempt to find a video for this song on You Tube – just saying. 


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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Oh My and a Boo Hoo Mix

I got those post-birthday hangover blues… hangover in the figurative sense (or is it literal???)

Anyway, some killer tunes in the shuffle – so let’s get to it.

“You Got Trouble” by Blackfoot Gypsies

A great way to start the morning commute.  Six minutes or so of Blackfoot Gypsies signature high-energy bluesy rock music.  This is from their album Dandee Cheeseball.

“Come Join the Murder” by The White Buffalo and The Forest Rangers

Did you know that a group of crows is called a “murder” because they will sometimes kill a dying cow?  I didn’t either, but I join writers of songs, poetry, and fiction in thanking whoever came up with the name for the inspiration.  I really love this song which was featured on the television series Sons of Anarchy.

“1969” by The Stooges

I was three years old in 1969 (a fact that either makes me seem really old or really young depending upon your point of view), so I will have to take Iggy’s word on what that year was like. I am not one to argue with Iggy.  Powerhouse, proto-punk from the self-titled debut album.

“Femme Fatale” (Velvet Underground cover) by Tom Tom Club

Femme Fatale is among my favorite Velvet Underground songs (there are a bunch on that list), and this is one of my favorite cover versions. From Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom.

“Stop Your Sobbing” by The Pretenders

Speaking of Femme Fatales…

“V.F.W.” by The Dead Milkmen

I’ve never been in a foreign war, but I am a veteran in the sense that this song is talking about….

“Free Again” by Alex Chilton (Big Star)

A few songs from the Big Star album Third/Sister Lovers made it onto the Alex Chilton compilation 19 Years.  The absence of Chris Bell made the album (to some) essentially an Alex Chilton solo album. Regardless of that debate, it is one of my favorite albums of all time and I love this song.

“Dracula, 1931” by Sci-Fi Romance

I think this is the second to the last song for us to feature from the remarkable October album by our friend Vance Kotrla (aka Sci-Fi Romance).  Once again, in case you missed the previous posts, shortly before Halloween, Mr. Kotrla sat down and watched a marathon of classic horror films (along with the film Ed Wood), and he then wrote and recorded some songs based upon each of the films.  Here, he transforms the classic 1931 film Dracula (directed by Tod Browning and starring the great Bela Lugosi) into a meditation on the consequences of immortality.

“The Queen of My Arms” by Matthew Ryan

We close things out with a Bonus track from Matthew Ryan’s album Boxers. A great way to end a most excellent shuffle.


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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle -Unlicensed Gondolier Mix

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This was my view when I reached the top of the hill this morning…

 Now the playlist:

By 1991, Sam Phillips had already released five albums.  The first four being on a Contemporary Christian Music label.  By this point, she was married to Producer extraordinaire T-Bone Burnett (they would later divorce), and Burnett had produced two of her albums.  They worked together again on the album Cruel Inventions. From that album, we have the lead track called Lying.

  A Fan-Made video of Lying…

k.d. lang’s first release in the States was called Angel with a Lariat which was released in 1987.  I think I totally wore out my cassette tape copy of this one.  Diet of Strange Places is a great jumping in point for this album (which still sounds great, some 25 years down the road).

I can’t believe no video found for Diet… here’s the title track to the album…

Bruce Cockburn’s album Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws was released in 1979 and produced one of this most popular songs (in fact his only song to hit the Top 40 in the US – not that we care about that).  Wondering Where the Lions Are is a great song which has stood the test of time and remains one of my favorites.


1979 was a good year for music.  Coincidentally, we have the second song in a row from an album released in 1979.  That year, British/American rock icons, The Pretenders released their self-titled debut album.  We have an instrumental track from that record. Space Invader contains actually sounds from the classic arcade game Space Invaders.

Husker Du’s entire recorded output was released within an approximately four year period, but they were, are and forever shall be one of the most influential bands ever (IMNSHO). Turn on the News from their second album, Zen Arcade, stands as one of the band’s best.

Check out this deal from Amazon – Get this 18 Song Greatest Hits collection from Queen for just $3.99 right now!


Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Uno, Dos, Tres, Catorce Mix

Well, it’s Monday. Here is Nashville, we finally had some decent rain last night, and it looks like the heatwave has subsided for at least a few days.

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Let’s get to the shuffle:

On Monday’s, we like to dig into our archives.  

1.  First up, we have a track from the self-titled debut of a band which formed in England and featured an American lead singer).  Chrissie Hynde is from Akron, Ohio and attended Kent State.  She was at the school when the infamous shootings took place.  While in university, we was in a band with Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo).   Brass in Pocket was the seventh video played on MTV.  

Next up, we have a track from the second album of Hoodoo Gurus, the legendary Australian band. The album, Mars Needs Guitars! , is one of their best, and Bittersweet remains one of my favorite songs.

Next, we have a track from the self titled debut of L.A. band, Lone Justice. The song, Ways To Be Wicked was written by Tom Petty and Mike Campbell. Lone Justice, the album was released during the early part of my college career, and was part of the soundtrack of that phase of my life. 

And finally, we stick to 1985. Rumbleseat from John Cougar Mellencamp’s Scarecrow album. In 1985, liking Mellencamp was still hard for this burgeoning post-punk fan to admit, but like it I did.  By the time, Mellencamp released his Lonesome Jubilee album, it was easier. I saw him on the Lonesome Jubilee tour with a bunch of Clash fans who challenged me with their far-left politics.  The show was a joyful, three hour blow-out.


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