Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Sam and the First Day Mix

So… I’ve been feeling the need to work on some of my own creative pursuits – not that Ear to the Ground doesn’t use my creativity – and to that end, I began a short story???? something that I have given the working title of Sam and the First Day. That’s all I’ll say for now… 

Our friend’s The End Men have once again pointed us 
to a number of great bands. Here’s one, KR-3 from Wheeling, WV.

 Now to the shuffle:

  •    “Isolation” by Joy Division from Closer (1980)

“Surrendered to self preservation, From others who care for themselves.” Just about the perfect song for walking alone in the city on a dreary windy day. We listened to the song from the 1995 Joy Division compilation called Permanent.

  • “Feast of the Heart” by Jesca Hoop from Hunting My Dress (2010)

“And there’s a light switch baby you turned it on Don’t you ever leave me here in the dark” Jesca Hoop is a singer-songwriter from Northern California who was more recently based in Manchester, England.  Hunting My Dress was recorded in Manchester after she moved there. Her music has garnered praise from Tom Waits, and she has toured with Peter Gabriel.

  • “Ain’t the Madonna, Ain’t Your Whore” by Ali Holder and the Raindoggs from Red to Black (2011)

Raindogg (our friend Rob Porta) has made some great music over the past few years.  You may remember My Medicine, the silky soulful cover of the Snoop Dogg song with then lead singer Larissa. After Larissa and the band parted ways, Ali Holder came in and Red to Black is the fruits of that labor.  The Raindoggs are currently doing some awesome stuff with new singer Kassy Key down in Austin.  Check them out.
  • “Mountain Man” by Crash Kings from Crash Kings (2009)


“I bet they feel it just the same”  Crash Kings are an L.A. rock band.  I don’t know too much about them except that they released their debut album in 2009 and are expected to release the follow-up some time this year.  They play rock music without guitars.  So there’s that.  I kind of dig this song.

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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Free Fallin’ Mix

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 After a long fall break, it’s back to school for the kids which means back to early mornings for me.  Man, by the end of last week I was feeling all kinds of grateful for the amazing things happening with the blog.  I’m looking forward to sharing all of them with you in time.  But, suffice it to say, whatever expectations I had when I started Ear to the Ground have been exceeded many times over.

A great shuffle today:

First up, we have Austin Texas band The Raindoggs with a funky, jazzy instrumental from their One Armed Bandit album.  Black was a great backdrop for the walk up the hill on this cloudy Monday morning.  Also, check out The Raindoggs website and click on the “Friends of Ours” tab and look who’s at the top of the page!

Here’s a video for another song by The Raindoggs


Next up is a timely number by South Carolina band Loner’s Society. The A-side of their latest single on King City Records is called Pinstripes. Apparently, it’s about some baseball team for the East Coast baseball club who have apparently done well historically up to and including this season.  

Our final song today comes from the 2010 album Come Around Sundown, which was the last we’ve heard from Kings of Leon (as of today). There were rumblings about a new album being in the works as recently as August of this year.  I can’t say that I’m a huge Kings of Leon fan, but Back Down South is one of my favorites.  It makes me think about hanging out in the woods, bonfires, swimming holes and… wait, that’s the video…


No Voter Suppression Here!

VOTE NOW!  We’re going back to the previous method which means the Band of the Month poll is located on the sidebar.  It also means one vote per computer (you can vote for more than one band).
Also, we’re adding a new way to vote.  Please comment below with the name of your selection for Band of the Month. 
As always, be sure to check out all of the bands, even if you’re just here to support your favorite band/kid brother/spouse/neighbor.  Here is a condensed voting guide.  Remember details of all of our Featured Artists are located to the left.
Why should I vote for:
Lawrence Welks and Our Bear to Cross:  Because they are doing the Lawd’s work…
Justin and the Salty Dogs: Because they are salty.
Brian Bergeron: Because he’s Mr. Nice.
Big Wilson River: Because Don Ryan told you to.
The Raindoggs: Because you love Tom Waits and you love Snoop Dogg, and you never thought to put them together.
Francis Bowie:  Because you are intelligent and you love pop music.
The Shake: Because maybe a win will convince them to get back together.
Vinyl Thief: Because they have vinyl in their name.
Wolf and Cub: Because they come from “down under” and probably have those cool accents.
FallsStart: Because they originated in Hawaii, and you’ve always wanted to go there.
Dean Fields: Because you want to help assuage my guilt for leaving him off the June Band of the Month Poll.

That’s it: Go Vote!

Featured Artists (July) – Did you know?

Did you know….

…that sometimes, I obsess over whether a particular band or artist is “too famous” to be a Featured Artist?  (As if! I know, I know Radiohead and Black Keys etc. are dying to be named Featured Artists on Ear to the Ground!)

…that the listed order of the Featured Artists is completely arbitrary!

…that Featured Artists Lawrence Welks and Our Bear to Cross will soon be releasing some music on Moscow, Russia based Singapore Sling Tapes? It’s called Binary Execute Now and here’s the band’s description of what to expect.

Lawrence Welks goes beyond the iron curtain, releasing B.E.N. with comrades in Moscow.  How fitting for an album focused on 9/11, computers, nuclear fall-out, the illuminati, the apocalypse, and mostly with palindromes.  We’re so pumped and here’s a picture that shows it!

…that Featured Artist Brian Bergeron has a new band called Mr. Kind, and that they are in the running for Band of the Month on the SF edition of Deli Magazine?  You can vote here for Mr. Kind – the poll is on the right sidebar.

…that Featured Artists Justin and the Salty Dogs are from Chicago? And that Chicago apparently has some connection to the Blues? Who knew?

…that Featured Artists Big Wilson River have a quote from Ear to the Ground favorite Don Ryan on their Facebook page?  And that the said quote contains contains the word f**k? Surprising coming from Don Ryan? You bet… 😉

…that Featured Artists The Raindoggs have a new lead singer.  Kassy Key will be joining the band on an upcoming tour.  Can you say Nashville please?  They also have an awesome podcast that you can download from Itunes.

Featured Friday Music Shuffle – Radical Radishes Mix

Once again, the subtitle has precious little to do with the songs in the shuffle (or with anything else for that matter), but…
We have a good mix of songs this morning, our first Featured Friday Shuffle of July:
Bay Area singer-songwriter Brian Bergeron is up first with a song from his Hourglass EP called, Don’t Let Me Down.

Next we have New York Rock Band in a live cover of the song Charles Manson stole from the Beatles and which U2 stole back…  The Shake wrest the song away from U2 and take Helter, Skelter for an awesome spin around the block.

Austin-based The Raindoggs are also doing a cover.  My Medicine was on Snoop Dogg’s 2008 album Ego Trippin’, and the Raindoggs’ sultry, groovin’ take on the song is the second track off their One Armed Bandit album.


And finally, we have a song called Shut Me Out from New South Wales based Wolf and Cub. Which is available as a free download from their Bandcamp Page.

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