Gabriel’s Run….

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One of our very first Bands of the Week – way, way back in mid 2011 was Nashville-based The Redding Brothers.  This is the band that back in the day, wrote, recorded, and released  a song every Saturday Night at Midnight.  More recently, we have posted some tracks from the solo debut by Gabriel Redding which was called Untethered.  Well, Gabriel is in the midst of something pretty remarkable.  Here’s the details from his website.

GABRIEL is following up his bicycle ride across America by running across America to benefit those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and specifically his grandfather, who has developed both. The run will start on June 7th in Santa Monica, CA and end on July 19th in St. Simons, GA, covering 2,413 miles in a world record breaking 43 days. Please support him in any way you can! If you would like to donate supplies such as energy bars, energy drinks, protein shakes, bottled water, or anything else, please contact
If you would like to sponsor the event monetarily, please click on the button below, or send a check made payable to Gabriel Redding to:

Gabriel Redding
Alzheimer’s Run
4007 Wisdom Way
Smyrna, TN 37167

Buy a T-Shirt to support the event!


Donate directly to the Alzheimer’s Association via the Bill Redding Tribute fund here:

  Gabriel is half way through his run. If you are able, please show some love for this remarkable feat and the great cause.  Here’s video released yesterday…


Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Casey Jones is Ready Mix

In the course of the 8 months  I’ve been writing this here blog-thing, I’ve had the good fortune to meet some truly amazing and interesting people from all over the world. I gone down some rabbit holes and found gold (is that a mixed metaphor or just a goofy statement).  One rabbit hole has lead me to an incredibly rich and vibrant music scene in the New York/New Jersey area. In fact, I’m officially declaring myself the preeminent New York/New Jersey music blogger who lives in Nashville. Anyone care to challenge me for that title? Hmm? No. Okay then, the ayes have it.

One of the first bands that started me on this journey is a hard rocking band Montclair, New Jersey called Those Mockingbirds.  On their EP, Fa Sol La (out in a few days on vinyl), they stretch there musical muscles and bring it. “I’m quite drunk on your intimate cocktail” from today’s track, The Bloodiest Gums, speaks to an all too familiar pain and is nice counter-part to some of the more straight-ahead rockers on the EP.  Not that Bloodiest Gums doesn’t rock.  In fact, it rocks me all the way to center of my heart.

Take a listen to The Bloodiest Gums   

and check out their earlier release No Symmetry over at Amazon – you can grab it for under 4 bucks.


 Of course not all of the great music I’ve discovered since I began writing this blog comes from New York and New Jersey. One of the first contacts I made on Twitter – even before I began writing Ear to the Ground was a group made up of three brothers who currently live right in my backyard (not literally, but if they are willing to fight it out with my three dogs, they are welcome, too.).  The Redding Brothers are a pretty impressive lot. They release a song-a-week for an entire year. They delve in to some pretty deep lyrical territory. I was just reading about the acapella group Days of Youth which includes some younger Reddings.  Last year, Gabriel, the youngest of the Redding Brothers (band), released an impressive solo album called Untethered.  I was pleasantly surprised at the experimental sound of the record which contains a variety of styles. I can’t say for sure why I was surprised…  The song today is Waterfall.

You can grab Untethered by Gabirel here:

Ben Semmens, who also goes by the moniker BenSem, is a helluva good singer-songwriter from South Wales. He is wrapping up a new album which he recorded on Cumberland Island in Georgia (USA). The album is currently expect out in March, and I can’t wait to hear it.  In the meantime, I’ve got his album Western Lights to keep me happy, and I’m pleased today to have heard two great tracks from that album.  Science Project and the song that first turned me onto Mr. Semmens – the luscious Carol Ann.

Western Lights can be yours for a song (under $9 bucks actually) by clicking the album cover below:

Stomacher are an awesome band from the Bay Area.  They are also wrapping up work on a new album. They used to the wonderful resource kickstarter to um.. kickstart this one. I am waiting with bated breath for this one as well.  Their 2009 release Sentimental Education has been burning up my MP3 player since I discovered these guys last year. Amazon will also hook you up with this album and their previous self-titled album. Check it out:

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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Blitz Attack Mix

November is winding down.  Here at Ear to the Ground, we like reload the MP3 almost every Monday night with the freshest new and new to us cuts. We gather all these new songs into a playlist by month and then every Tuesday, we shuffle through that playlist and present the result.  Here then is a shuffle of songs added during the month of November 2011. Born A Nightmare by You and Me
(Listen and Download Born A Nightmare at Sound Cloud0 
You and Me get bluesy with Born A Nightmare off their self-titled LP.

(click to purchase and download this track)
Description of a Fool by A Tribe Called Quest
“fool – defined in webster’s
open up the book, read it read it
turn the page, see what it says
read it to me will you please”
(Use the aboce widget to get a hold of his new album via Noisetrade)
Love Has Lost Its Flair – Gabriel from the Untethered LP.   Gabriel is Gabriel Redding of the Redding Brothers. 

(click on album cover to purchase and download this track)

Penobska Oakwalk – Quilt

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A Tribe Called Quest: A Video Anthology A Tribe Called Quest: A Video Anthology
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Bands of the Week 2011 – A Recap – Part 1 – Weeks 1-8

Here is more information about the Bands of the Week for 2011:

Week 1:  Maxim Ludwig & the Santa Fe Seven – California based Rock band  – Appeared at this year’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco and has earned a spot at this years SXSW Festival in Austin. Check out the video of a song we like, Stacy C’mon:

Week 2: Stomacher – is a San Francisco based Rock band. They play atmospheric, sometimes dark yet melodic music. They recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their next album which is currently in production.  Check out the video for Untitled/Dark Divider from their Sentimental Education album:

Week 3: Redding Brothers – is a Nashville based indie band. Unlike the Doobie Brothers or Cary Brothers, The Redding Brothers are actually brothers named Redding. The band once wrote, recorded and released a song a week for one whole year.  Check out a live video of their song  Solid :

Week 4: World Service Project – is a London based – Jazz/Experimental/Punk Band. Here is a recent video of their performace at the London Jazz Festival:

Week 5: You and Me – are Val and James from Montreal Canada.  They have been making music for 10 years.  They play Folksy, Pop, Bluesy, Rock music.  Here is a widget with their self-titled album:
Week 6: The Alternates -are a Los Angeles based indie rock band.  They are an exciting band that I expect to hear much more from.  Front man, Spencer Livingston recently released a song called Occupy Wall Street.  Here’s a track we like called The Modern Way.

Week 7: Ubiquity Machine – hail from Arlington, Virginia.  Back when I named them band of the week, I didn’t know anything about them except that I really liked some of the music I was hearing.  They list their genre on Facebook as: AltIndiePopRockSkronkDeathPolkaDancercize which I love.  Here is their sublimely lovely international smash hit, A Beautiful Girl: 01 A Beautiful Girl by Ubiquity Machine

Week 8: Inner City Elegance – are Canadian with a connection to Brazil.  They are a honest to f**k ROCK band.  Don’t believe me? Check out their latest video – just released November 13.  It’s called Swearing Like a Sailor: