Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Games People Play Mix

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Did you miss me?  I’m back after a two day absence with another shuffle of songs across a broad musical spectrum.  Meanwhile, it is Friday! So let’s celebrate!

“Baby I’m Doin’ It” by Eight O’Five Jive

Nashville’s Jump/Jive/Swing band, Eight O’Five Jive are back with another song from their fantastic recent album, Too Many Men. 

“Stuck on Repeat” by Hudson K

Hudson K are an electronic synth rock duo from Knoxville, TN.  This song is from their 2013 Ouroboros and the Black Dove.  We grabbed it off a Noisetrade Bonnaroo mixtape which I take to mean they will be performing in Manchester next month, so check them out if you are down on the farm…

“Cherry Licorice” by The Felice Brothers

Dig this track from The Felice Brothers’ 2014 album, Favorite Waitress.

“Red Rover” by Paper Aeroplanes

UK Dream Folk band, Paper Aeroplanes are up next with a track that first appeared on the EP Time to Be in 2012, and then was included on their 2013 album Little Letters.

“Dig It Up” by Tim Lee 3

A live version of a tune from the classic 2010 double album, Raucous Americanus by E2TG favorites Tim Lee 3 from Knoxville.  Check out all of their music including their latest album 33 1/3 at the usual places or visit their website.

“Surprise, Surprise” by The Rolling Stones

This was the final track on the Stones’ third American album, The Rolling Stones, Now! which was released in 1965. 

“Games People Play” (Joe South cover) by The Georgia Satellites

From In the Land of Salvation and Sin… this song is a cover of a 1968 song by the late Singer-Songwriter, Joe South, who also wrote the song, “Rose Garden” made famous by Lynn Anderson.

“Men w/ Tears” by Rich Robbins (prod. by Nate France)

Some  awesome Hip Hop music emanating from the suburbs of Chicago via the city of Philadelphia and currently settled on the campus of University of Wisconsin – Madison. Informed, honest, and innovative.

“Challenge of the Love Warriors” by Tom Tom Club

In celebration of the birthday of Chris Frantz founding member of both Tom Tom Club and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band, Talking Heads, we have this track written by Frantz from Tom Tom Club’s 1988 album, Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom. The track is breathy and sexy and (like all of Tom Tom Club’s music) incredibly fun.

“The Immortals” by The Ghoul Goes West
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We close out the day and the week with another really cool song, from one of the newest Ear to the Ground favorites.  The Ghoul Goes West are from Northwest Arkansas.  This song is from the awesome album, Ghosts and Bones and Blood and Things.



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Maybe Longer Mix

Last night I got to see an artist I featured here on Ear to the Ground a couple of years ago, Callaghan, kick off her album preview tour at 3rd and Lindsley.  If you want to know what I thought about it, you can check it out at No Depression.

We have a pretty nifty shuffle for you….

“Voodoo Doll” by Diamond Rugs

This new supergroup has been getting quite a bit of well deserved press lately, and I will jump on that particular band wagon right now.  The band includes John and Robbie from Deer Tick, T. Hardy Morris of Dead Confederates, and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos as well as some other great players from other great bands. Their album Cosmetics is out now.

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From their album Easy Weather which is available on a Tip/Share basis on Noisetrade.  They are from Denver. The music is fresh and diverse and worth giving a listen.

“Goodbye’s All We’ve Got Left to Say” by Steve Earle

So far, the shuffle has presented us Guitar Town in order.  This is the second song on that album… a heartbreaking tale of love gone wrong…

“Feed It Back to Us” by The Ghoul Goes West

One side effect of my recent work with No Depression has been a sharp uptick in the volume of submissions which comes into my inbox.  I try to at least read every one, and although it is really hard to say what it is that makes me go the next step and listen, I have to say that having a name like The Ghoul Goes West helps.  Fortunately, the music lives up to the name, and it has been a real blast digging into their album Ghost and Bones and Blood and Things. 

“Lionel II” by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade

We are reaching the end of the tracks on the album Familiar Fevers.  Since that album came out, the band have had a few personnel changes, but I credit them with pressing on.  They play out mostly in their native upstate New York, and if you get the chance go see them live.  I know I will.  In the good timing category, this morning, after this song came up in my shuffle, I saw a post that the band has a new drummer.  So, consider this my shuffle’s way of wishing the old drummer well and welcoming the new one.

“Take a Little Time” by Walter Trout

Walter Trout is a legendary Blues guitarist and singer who previously worked with Canned Heat, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Joe Tex, and Percy Mayfield.

“Brown Sugar” by The Rolling Stones

The opening track and lead single from The Stones 1971 Sticky Fingers.  This might be a good bully pulpit time to say (and I feel like I am in the minority here), but just to be honest, I really don’t get the whole Beatles vs. Stones thing.  I mean, I get that it is a forum for people who are passionate about music to get even more passionate, but I’ve never really understand why there has to be competitions… I mean the good news is that no one has to choose and that everyone is free to choose.  It can be The Beatles, The Stones, The Beatles and The Stones, or neither.  Can’t we all just get along?

“Panic Beach” by Maria McKee

I was a huge Lone Justice fan.  Their debut album is one of my favorites and I also loved Shelter.  I have to say that it has been such a pleasure rediscovering the brilliance of Maria McKee’s self-titled solo debut.  This song sets such a scene…

“Love is a Wind That Screams” by Richard Barone

Cool Blue Halo was a revelation to me when my friend Ron (aka Rex Silo) first turned me onto it some 25 years ago (is that possible???).  I had been a fan of The Bongos before, but this album, these songs just blew me away.  The video is from the 25th Anniversary show and features Garth Hudson of The Band on accordion.



Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Dream Too Much Mix

Had a great time last night on my first visit to the (relatively) new City Winery Nashville.  The first ever Nashville Nights featured Darrin Bradbury and Tim Easton with Megan Palmer with special guest Amy Speace.  It’s a gorgeous building and the music sounded great.

A bit short on time.  As I do every year on this date, I begin the Video Playlist with a song (not part of the shuffle) by Cracker from their self-titled debut.

“Kumbayah” by Guadalcanal Diary

Let’s sit around the campfire and hold hands!

“Paradise Found” by Gretchen Peters

So happy that Gretchen Peters’ awesome 2012 album Hello Cruel World is available on

“Control Issue” by Manilow

Fun fact, it is next to impossible to find this band on YouTube without seeing hundreds of Barry Manilow videos… Also, wouldn’t it be funny if this was actually a secret project by Barry Manilow. It’s not, but it would be epic.  This is some great sounding punk inspired music.

“Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones

One of my favorite Stones’ songs.  Old and in the Way  (Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Peter Rowan and Vassar Clemons) do an awesome cover of this song.

“Fire from Heaven” by Guadalcanal Diary

Hearing this got me reflecting on how great a band Guadalcanal Diary were.

“Nomadic” by Nicke Borg Homeland

It’s been a good week for cool music from Sweden.  This is another random find on Freegal that I like quite a bit.

“Okay is All She Said…” by Batkhi Dahn

Another from the amazing Batkhi Dahn (aka Hayden Nork of The Foresters).  Cool stuff!

“High Fidelity” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Keeping it going in High Fidelity!

“You Dream Too Much” by Richard Thompson

Can you dream too much? Apparently so… Rumor and Sigh is the bomb!

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Closing things out with another from Hello Cruel World which made me think about seeing the Greta Garbo film Camille in high school drama class…


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Fifty Amp Fuse Mix

A short but very sweet shuffle as Nashville gears up for coming arctic blast… We’ve reached mid-week, let’s do this damn thing!

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones

From Let It Bleed… The year was 1969, and the 1960s were winding down… As we all do, the children of the revolution lost their innocence…  “If you try sometimes, you get what you need…”

“Burden” by J.R. Wyatt

From the Empty Room Sessions…  As the only recent song in today’s shuffle and surrounded by some of my favorite songs and artists of all time, this song held its own… A well written song, and the sparseness of the sound (recorded in an actual empty room) was spot-on perfection.

“Little Doll” by The Stooges

From their self-titled album. Like Let it Bleed, The Stooges was also released in 1969.  The Stooges were not the only predecessor of what would become Punk Rock music, but they were certainly one of the best.

“Take a Chance With Me” by Roxy Music

It is kind of hard to believe that Avalon was the last Roxy Music studio album, but man what a way to go out! Avalon remains one of my all time favorite albums, and it seems like whenever I write about the aftermath of a night of some sort of debauchery, I always have the characters listening to Avalon (usually the title track or More Than This).  Although vastly different, like The Stooges, Roxy Music had an influence of their own on the development of Punk and New Wave music especially in the UK.

“Make a Little Love” by Alex Chilton

From his album High Priest, Alex Chilton brings it on down in all the best ways… This is a cover of a 1967 song by Bluesman Lowell Fulson.

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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Please to Meet You… Mix

2015.  A new year, a new start… it’s seems right to begin again with an introduction. My name is Joe, and I write this music blog called Ear to the Ground.  In this particular corner of the internet, I hope to introduce you to music you’ve not yet heard.  Some of it is brand new, some of it is very old… I decide what does into the playlist to be shuffled and the magical mystery shuffle function decides the mix.  Anything can happen.  We some awesome things in store for you, dear reader, in the coming year, but I won’t tell you what they are in case we don’t do them.  You never know… life is funny that way…

Well, the year isn’t getting any younger, so let’s dive in….

“No Parade” and “One Chapter in the Book” by Minutemen!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”);

Taken from the CD Compilation Post-Mersh Vol. 1 which compiled the first two full-length Minutemen albums.  No Parade is from The Punch Line and One Chapter in the Book is from What Makes a Man Start Fires?  Short and to the point. The Minutemen are one of my all time favorite bands.

“Seasons Colors” by Judah and the Lion

From their EP Sweet Tennessee. I really dig the sound of this young Nashville band.

“Straight Jacket” by Minutemen

Another from the full-length debut album by the legendary San Pedro post-punk band.  Written by bassist Mike Watt.

“Otto” by The Replacements

Speaking of debut albums, I’ve always loved this track from The Replacements studio debut, Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash.

“Little Too Clean” by Soul Asylum

Speaking of legendary bands from Minneapolis.  Hang Time was the major label debut by Soul Asylum, and it has always been one of my favorites.  I think it was a near perfect intersection of the bands high energy punk influences and the pop songwriting ability that would eventually earn them more mainstream success just a few years later.

“Soul Bet Coal Man” by Joe Nolan

Time for you to get hip to my friend Joe Nolan.  This is a jazzier side of his wide musical spectrum.   No video for this song, but you can hear/download this song at  I’ve substituted the most recent video uploaded to his Youtube channel.

“Sympathy for the Devil” by The Rolling Stones

What can I say? The lead track off of Beggar Banquet, and one of the greatest rock and roll songs of all time.

“Till the Money’s All Gone” by The Sky Kings

 The Sky Kings were a Supergroup formed in 1991.  The band featured Pat Simmons of the Doobie Brothers, John Cowan of New Grass Revival (among others), Rusty Young of Poco, and Bill Lloyd of Foster and Lloyd.  The album called 1992 was finally released a month or so ago after sitting in music industry purgatory.  This is a great song, and I’m really glad this music has finally been released to the world.  I’m looking forward to featuring more of this album soon.

“Bossy” by JD Mcpherson

A track from JD McPherson’s forthcoming album Let the Good Times Roll.  I nabbed this off a Noisetrade sampler.

“Pure Joy” by Minutemen

Another from What Makes a Man Start Fires?  This song begins with an extended (by minutemen standards) drum solo by George Hurley.  One of a number of “Joy” songs in the Minutemen’s discography.

“Love Your Enemy” by Ben Arthur (feat. Aesop Rock and DJ Big Wiz)

We close out today’s shuffle with another track from Ben Arthur’s concept album/book If You Look for my Heart.  This track features undergroup/alternative hip-hop artists Aesop Rock and DJ Big Wiz.  I really like this song.


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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Riff Raff Mix

Well… here I am on a Friday with a lot of ground to cover. So, I am going to riff for a little while… I like riffing. I use to call this kind of writing – Stream of Madness writing… meaning, I just let the words fly, without any inclination to edit in order to mask my insanity….

Let’s post a picture and then we will jump into the madness…

It’s a great day! Why? Well it is Friday! That would normally be enough, but a couple of cool things to report…

1.  Tonight at The Family Wash – a swell time including a 25 minute preview of a new documentary about musicians, plus poetry and music – including our good friends from Knoxville – Tim Lee 3.  Plus Special guest Amelia White – who we saw back in September at The Five Spot.  Should be a fun time.

2.  Tomorrow – October 12, 2013 Marks the official release date of the self-titled album by my friend, James Crawford.  We’ve had this one in our playlist for a few week, and as I’ve reported, this has rapidly become one of my favorite albums on the Fall. We have the album linked in our Webstore which should become active to tomorrow – OR… you can head over to James Crawford’s Website and Facebook page.

3.  We have a shuffle to bring you…

“Til I Find You” by The Howlin Brothers (this is from The Sun Studios Session which we nabbed off of Noisetrade but which will be released October 15. Bonus Trivia: In the 1989 Jim Jarmusch film Mystery Train – there is a scene where the characters are outside of Sun Studios, and you can see the apartment building where I lived in the background. The movie was filmed in the Summer of ’88 which is when I moved to Memphis. So… Oh, The Howlin Brothers kick serious butt – so check it out.)

“She Shot a Hole in My Soul” by The Box Tops (mmm huh. Yep… and yeah Nashville to Memphis and we stick in Memphis for this Pop-Soul classic )

“Harder” by Nava Hotel  (I keep digging this Nashville band more and more every time I hear them. Back to Nashville ;-))

“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by Devo (from Are We Not Men? We Are Devo… how to you deconstruct a classic song and make it your own?  I don’t know ask Devo. By the way, I just some an article link (which I didn’t follow) which said that Johnny Lydon almost became the singer for Devo in 1978. I have no idea if that is true or how “almost” it was, but now think about Johnny Rotten singing this song… go!  and as for a Memphis/Nashville connection- um… well, I think the Stones were heavily influenced by Memphis music… whew!)

“There Will Always Be A Way” by The Autumn Defense (The Autumn Defense were one of the highlights of the Americanarama event at Grimey’s  – there is your Nashville connection – back in September.  They do the 70sish lush pop harmonies about as good as anybody in the business. That is them in the picture up above the Jump)

Well shoot- that’s the end of the Shuffle and I’m out of time… sooooo….. Happy Weekend!

Here is the Daily Video Playlist



Friday Morning Music Shuffle – A Ordinary Day Mix

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Well, we’re still and here and hopefully you are, too. How about some seriously cool tunes to celebrate the continued existence of this world which is clearly broken but still capable of awesome beauty when it puts its mind to it.

 Quick summary of voting in our Band of the Year Poll.  Total Votes: 534

Currently leading: The Disappointment Skeletons in the Piano
Currently 2nd:  Skeletons in the Piano The Disappointment -7
 Currently 3rd: The Great American Novel -31

Voting continues until 11:59:59 on December 30 cause even I am not music nerd enough to be checking results on New Years Eve* 

*okay actually I am, but I don’t want you to know that.

 Shuffle after the jump:


Another long set which covered by drive from home and my walk up the hill from the parking lot.  First here is a widget with clips from many of the featured songs:

 Now the official shuffle:

Bob Dylan – Song for Woody from Bob Dylan
The Rolling Stones – The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man from Out of Our Heads
Jason and the Scorchers – Far Behind from Lost and Found
Steve Earle – Down the Road from Guitar Town
The Practical Stylists – In the City (Jam Cover) from Covers ‘n Crap (via *Alternate songs used for Clip widget and Video

Dogs of Oz – On Her Marigolds from Pistols and Radio Signals *Not on Clip Widget
Hank Williams – Ramblin’ Man from 40 Greatest Hits
Husker Du – Something I Learned Today from Zen Arcade
Bob Dylan – Girl From the North Country from The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964 (The Bootleg Series Vol. 9)
The Velvet Underground – Cool it Down from Loaded
Sondre Lerche – Lewis Takes Off His Shirt (Owen Pallett Cover)  – *Download Only* *Owen Pallett original used for Clip Widget