Friday Morning Music Shuffle –

I wanted to share some news with all of my Ear to the Ground readers.  I am going to begin covering live shows at awesome Nashville venue 3rd and Lindsley for No Depression. Don’t worry, #E2TG will continue to be the same hot mess that it always is, and you will also be able to read my reviews over at and see that I can actually clean up when it is required (I hope).  Seriously, I am excited about this opportunity and I know that all of you have helped me to reach this place. So, thanks!  Hot Mess of Cool Tunes follows….

“Caroline” by The Silos

There are several bands who can be cited as innovators of the sound that would become Alt-Country.  The Silos certainly earned their place it that discussion. Bottom line, great songs are great songs. This is from the bands self-titled major label debut also known as “the one with the bird on the cover”.

“Take Your Shoes Off Pt. 2” by Booker T. Averhart and The Mustangs

A funky instrumental b-side from a 1963 single released on the Kent label.

“Blood Oranges in the Snow” by Over the Rhine

A gorgeous song – the title track from the band’s 2014 holiday album. Perfect for this latest cold front we are experiencing (although no snow yet in Nashville – at press time.)

“Possibly” by Ben Arthur

Seriously, if you haven’t checked out Ben Arthur’s latest project novel/album on Noisetrade.  Do it now! I will wait here.

“Homeless” by Paul Simon

My recent conversations with a friend about Paul Simon’s Graceland album prompted me to add it back into my rotation.

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“World Party” by The Waterboys

Supposedly Karl Wallinger got the name of his band from this song (per Wikipedia – so who knows), in any case, I love The Waterboys, I love this song, and I love World Party the band, so it’s all good.  Come on, let’s party, world! From Fishermen’s Blues.

“Making Breakfast” by Twin Peaks

So supposedly the band got their name from the restaurant chain and not the David Lynch series which is returning!!!!!  Rumor has it the restaurant chain’s name is also not a reference to the David Lynch series.  Still a good excuse to say that Twin Peaks the David Lynch series is returning in 2016.  The band are from Chicago, and I really dig this song. From their album Wild Onion.

“Next Time” by Satellite Sky

Satellite Sky are an Australian brother/sister rock duo currently based in L.A. I can’t remember where I got this song, but it appears to be a recent single.  It is not on any of the albums I could find listed.  I like it.

“Take it Off” by Alex Chilton

How about Alex Chilton on a Friday morning…  Take it all off!

“In the City” by J.R. Wyatt

Another appearance by phenomenal Nashville songwriter J.R. Wyatt in the shuffle.  Such a great voice and such great songs. 

“Caucasian Cancer” by The Danbury Lie

The Danbury Lie are flat out one of my favorite bands.  This song is from their latest release called Scattered Moments of Connection. The song is highly original and sooo good.  Check them out on Facebook and at Bandcamp.


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Sidelong Glance Mix

A cold and drizzly morning in Nashville. Let’s crank some fine tunes to begin the day – shall we?

  • “All The Time” by Elizabeth Cook from Welder (2010)

“I tell when I’m sober and I tell it on the wine  I tell it to the judge I love you all the time” I love just about everything Elizabeth Cook does.  All the Time is a pretty straight on country love song, and it is done oh so well!


“I’ve got an empty house,
that don’t bother me,
got an empty bottle,
so the day won’t follow me” 
The original version of this song is on the L.A. band’s 2010 album Machines That Listen.  The remix album is a free download on Lefse Records.  Just click on the album title above.
  • “Civil Things” by Angel Snow from Angel Snow (2012)


“Don’t tell me what I want to hear, if it’s not true…” Nashville-based Angel Snow is one of our favorites.  A gifted songwriter with an amazing voice.
  •  “Behind Me Now” by The Silos from Come On Like the Fast Lane (2007)

“I was one of the ugly boys I didn’t really have a choice” New York based band, the Silos have been making music since the mid 80s with a variety of members with Walter Salas-Humara being the band’s sole continuous member.  This song is off of a Bloodshot Records sampler from SXSW 2011.



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