Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Beggars Caterer Mix

 Hey ho!  It’s Friday, and the sun is shining here in Nashville.  Due to time constraints, I usually only post the 3-5 songs which I shuffle during my walk from the parking lot to the office. I usually also shuffle up some songs on my drive in. Even though I don’t have time to do a full post on these “extra” songs, I’ve decided to include those songs in today’s YouTube playlist which is posted at the bottom of the post.  As always, I try to find the exact song on YouTube and when I can’t I try to find an interesting or relevant video by the same artist.  

Today’s pre-shuffle shuffle includes music from:  Lambchop, Al Jolson, Chad VanGaalen, Owen Pallet, and Radiohead (covering Tim Buckley).

The Shuffle Shuffle is after the JUMP:

  • “AnnaRexia Bill Laswell Dubmix” by Marla Mase from Speak Deluxe (2013) 

This is the second Marla Mase appearance in a Morning Shuffle.  This time, we have one of the extra tracks from the Deluxe edition of Mase’s album Speak.  AnnaRexia has a pretty awesome reggae sound, and this Dubmix by the legendary Bill Laswell is amazing.  If you don’t know the name Bill Laswell, you would do well to educate yourself.  He has been involved in about every crucial musical movement since the 70s. He is a bassist and producer extraordinaire.  Unfortunately, we could not find a video for either version of AnnaRexia, but we have another track from Speak Deluxe in the Video playlist.

  •  “Come Home With Me” by John the Conqueror from John the Conqueror (2012)

It was our friend’s The End Men who turned us on to Philadelphia-based John the Conqueror. The band name comes from an African prince sold into slavery.  The band plays some well-grounded “dirty” blues music. The video included in the playlist is a live version of a JtheC song from the same album.

  • “Second Hand News” by Fleetwood Mac from Rumours (1977)

I decided to use part of an Amazon gift card I received to pick up some classic music that had never made it’s way into my digital collection.  When Rumours came up at a sizable discount (that sale is now over), I jumped on it.  I don’t think it is overstating to say that this is one of the best albums of it’s time.  It’s funny (not ha-ha funny but interesting) that once I dug into this album I realized a “knew” almost all of these songs. It’s fair to say that 70s soft rock is not my favorite type of music, but it’s hard to dispute that Fleetwood Mac were very good at what they do.
  • “Nothing to Say” by Hayden Coleman featuring The Skeleton at the Feast from a Bandcamp download (2013)

I love being able to spread the word about the music my friends are making. It’s another great thing about writing a music blog.  It’s like gravy when your friend is really, really good at what he does.  I really dig this song by Nashville underground hip-hop poets H.C. and his friend Levi.  Check out and download the song above.  Unfortunately, I could not find a video of this song, so I included a live performance by The Skeleton at the Feast and a spoken word performance by Hayden Coleman.

Peace out – yo! (I know, I know it sounds stupid when I say it).

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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Questioning the Answers Mix

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In rare moments of insanity, I get this overwhelming desire to blog about something outside of the scope of music. To pontificate and philosophize on matters both urbane and banal or greater or lesser import – in short to offer the world the gift of my wisdom on matters geo-politcal and inter-stellar.  Fortunately for me and more importantly for you, those moments pass and then I hear some great new music that blows me away.

 The Velveteens formed in the summer of 2012. The band’s sound seamlessly blends influences as diverse as sixties girls groups, Morrissey and hip-hop with classical theory and a buoyant spirit that is instantly infectious.  Do you remember?, from the band’s two song Bedroom Demos release, is pure pop heaven.  Check out Velveteens.

I couldn’t find any videos for The Velveteens, so here is the Velveteen Rabbit

We first told you about Bright Little Field when we talked about their ukulele tribute to The Replacements.  Today, we have an original song by the band called Rubber Chicken.

In case you missed it, here is information on the Replacements tribute:

 A couple of videos from the Replacements Tribute

The Skeleton at the Feast is fronted by Belmont University student Levi Gordon and lays down some dope and fly… okay I’ll stop… I just can’t pull that off.  These Kids is part of a Noisetrade sampler released in conjunction with Urban Pop Showcase at the university.  Production on the song is by the one and only Hayden Coleman who we have featured here a few time.  Self-described as
“Hip-hop with a brain”, this track is pretty darn cool. Check it out.

Here’s an older live performace by The Skeletons at the Feast
Sarah J. Hyland is a jazz-influenced Australian singer. Flying into Your Arms is the lead track from her 2007 album A Girl Like Me.


Here’s a promo for A Girl Like Me CD


Books by Ron Ruelle use the pics below to get the Amazon info then go Here to purchase.