Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Comes in Torrents/Sink or Swim Mix

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Welcome to the week… it looks like this is going to be a short week for me, so expect some inconsistent Morning Shuffles… check back periodically and I know I will be back as soon as possible.

First, I had a great time at The Tomato Art Fest in East Nashville on Saturday.  Saw some great music and got to hang out with a bunch of great friends.  Sorry to everyone I missed.

In the shuffle we have some cool tunes… so let us not delay…

“Strike You Down” by Indigenous Engines

We start out this week with a song from one of my favorite Nashville songwriters, Andrew Adkins with a track off of Witches – one of two EPs out from his new project called Indigenous Engines. I dig it.

“Susan Scorned” by Bill Lloyd

Bill Lloyd’s first solo album (I think) Feeling the Elephant remains one of my favorite albums of all time. I had it on vinyl and then picked up the CD when it was reissued early in the 90s.  It is an amazing slice of pure pop heaven.  Susan Scorned as always been among my favorite tracks on the album – though to be honest, I can’t think of  track from the album that is not a favorite.  “When  it rains, it comes in torrents…” 

“Broken Face” by Pixies

Just because every Monday needs some Pixies.  Off of the classic Surfer Rosa album.

“Odyssey” by Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles is from London and plays Electronic music. This track is the title number from an EP.  The song came to me via a Noisetrade Sampler from the Big Ears Music Festival which was held in Knoxville, Tennessee back in the early spring/late winter.

“Hey Mr. Grey” by Bob Mould

From his 2014 album Beauty and Ruin… Bob Mould shows that it is possible to keep rocking harder and harder no matter how many years go by.  My Mount Rushmore of American Rock gods would have Mr. Mould right in the middle…. who else?

“Ordinary Weekend” by John Wesley Harding

From Why the Fight? The artist formerly known as John Wesley Harding with one of my favorite songs of his.  “Sink or Swim”.

“One Tear at a Time” by The Sky Kings

Having two appearances by Bill Lloyd in the shuffle is never a bad thing.  This one is from the Supergroup that he was a part of.  This album was made in (and eventually named) 1992 but just saw the light of day at the end of 2014.  It was not only worth the wait, but like all great music, it was timeless and wonderful.  

“Please, Be Kind” by The Colored Parade

Completing our completely random frame of today’s shuffle, we close out the shuffle where we began with an track from an Andrew Adkin’s album.  This one is from his band, The Colored Parade – the album is called, And the Walls of the City Will Shake.  A pretty cool way to end the first and (maybe) the last shuffle of the week.


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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Blue Turns Black and White Mix

Today we have an E2TG signature mixture of old and new music, the return of favorites and the first appearance by some soon to be new favorites.  We have it all here in black and white with a tint of blue added for effect…. enjoy!

“Temptation” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

I am emotionally wrung-out and physically feeling a bit under the weather, but we press onwards and upwards… but when your Monday morning commences with Temptation by an Elvis song from Get Happy!!,  you know that despite it all…

“Space Invader” by The Pretenders

An instrumental from the self-titled debut by Chrissy Hynde and company. I guess it’s like their version of “Pac Man Fever” (I’m kidding relax!)

“For Your Eyes” by The Bell Hours

I grabbed this off Noisetrade… The Bell Hours are an indie-folk band from Denver, CO.  This is from their EP called Easy Weather.  I downloaded the EP last night, and so this was my first chance to listen to them.  I definitely want to hear more.

“The Candle and the Flame” by fIREHOSE

Ed Crawford, Mike Watt, and George Hurley from their 1986 debut album, Ragin’ Full On.  fIREHOSE in a mellow mood.

“Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)” by Father John Misty

In other bit of coincidental shuffle timing, we have a song off the forthcoming (due tomorrow) album by Joshua Tillman (called I Love You, Honeybear).  We heard the actual track, not the Midi version which was released for streaming by Father John.

“Kizza Me” by Big Star

One of my favorite tracks on one of my favorite albums – Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers.  This was taken from the Alex Chilton retrospective album called 19 years.

“Memory Deluxe” by Jeremy Gluck/Robert Coyne

I was honored to receive the album  Memory Deluxe: I Knew Buffalo Bill 2, in my inbox via Flicknife Records. The British label released some classic music in the 1980s including albums by Hawkwind, Alien Sex Fiend, and the 1987 predecessor to this album, I Knew Buffalo Bill which featured Gluck along with an all-star band that featured members of Swell Maps, Birthday Party, Crime and the City Solution plus the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce of Gun Club.  The label was resurrected in 2012, and this sequel album features Gluck and Robert Coyne who is the son of the late, lengendary British musician Kevin Coyne. 

“(Takin’ These) Blues to the Highway” by The Sky Kings

Another great sounding song from the very long anticipated album by the early 90s supergroup, The Sky Kings featuring Bill Lloyd (Foster and Lloyd), John Cowan (New Grass Revivial), Patrick Simmons (Doobie Brothers), and Rusty Young (Poco). The album called 1992 was released by Sony this past December.’

“Black and White World” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

The only thing better than an Elvis song in the shuffle is two Elvis songs in the shuffle.

“Blue Turns Black” by Joe Nolan

The title track from the forthcoming remastered album by Nashville singer/songwriter/writer Joe Nolan.  Love it! 

“Female Mudwrestling” by Phranc

From Folksinger.  To be clear, Phranc does not like female mudwrestling.  Special note to Phranc, do not attempt to find a video for this song on You Tube – just saying. 


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