#E2TG Takes on Americana Fest 2015 – Part II

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So, sorry no update yesterday.  The pace of life tends to increase during AMA week…

Wednesday began with a stop off at a meet and greet for No Depression at Grimeys, Too. To celebrate the release of  their return to print.

Then, I headed over to Tin Roof Nashville and had a leisurely lunch with my partner in crime, Sue Havlish and took in the Launch Party for the Ted Hawkins tribute album: Cold and Bitter Tears.  That event featured James McMurtry, Tim Easton, Ramsey Midwood, and Mary Gauthier.

After a brief respite at home, I drove to the  Cannery Complex for a way cool night of music.  First up was The Suffers from Houston, TX.  Seeing them for the first time, and I am hooked. So much soul and energy.  They even brought some Outkast  to the Americana stage.

Next was an something I have been waiting over 30 years to see. East LA band, Los Lobos had just won the Lifetime Achievement award at the AMA awards show, and their incredible set was a celebration of over 40 years of making music together. After bringing out guitar legend Jack Pearson for an amazing set of songs that included: “Not Fade Away” and the Grateful Dead’s “Bertha”, the band closed the night with a loud and furious rendition of Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl”.

I ended my night with a trip upstairs to the Hi-Watt to catch the end of the Secret Sisters set. They blew me away as always with their gorgeous harmonies.

 Thursday started with a trip down to the incredible Southern Ground Studios to watch the recording of an Acoustic Cafe session hosted by Rob Reinhart and featuring the incredible Warren Haynes playing songs off his latest (acoustic/folk) album, Ashes and Dust.

Then I flew over to The 5 Spot (actually, I wish I could have flown – but I crawled through rush hour traffic) and caught the end of the set by Bill Jackson and Pete Fidler from Australia. They were amazing.  Next up was The Mark Robinson Band who knocked it out the park celebrating the release of their new two-sided single, “Gone South”.  They began with the acoustic version of that song and then a few more acoustic tunes with an augmented band that included Richard Bailey of The Steel Drivers, the aforementioned Pete Fidler, and Luke Amelang.  They then brought it home with the power trio line-up of Robinson, Justin Amaral, and Daniel Seymour and ended with the electric rock version of “Gone South”.   David Olney rounded out the evening with week three of his September residency, and he once again blew it out of the park with a set that ended with a rousing version of “Chain of Fools”.

Next it was back to the Cannery Complex for a night highlighted by Ray Wylie Hubbard and marked with running into a bunch of friends.  I actually, reluctantly but prudently, called it a relatively early night and made it home before midnight.

Things crank up today with some day time events and a great night of music on tap for tonight.

More to come…

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Pain in the Butt Mix

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Let’s jump right into the shuffle… some music for a  rainy Thursday morning here in Nashville….

“Hole in My Head” by Human Radio

So… I lived in Memphis for a couple of years back in the last days of the 1980s.  I had been really into the Nashville independent music scene, and to be honest (for a lot of reasons which are more about me), I never really caught up with some cool stuff that was happening in Memphis. But, I remember seeing signs on utility poles all over downtown and midtown for Human Radio.  My first thought was that this must be some sort of hip-hop artist – like a human beatbox or something, but again that was probably just me.  Anyway, at some point, I did finally catch up with Human Radio, and their self-titled album is one of my favorites.  Through a set of circumstances, the original line-up of Human Radio found themselves all living in Nashville recently (the band had relocated here shortly before parting ways).  They began playing some shows (I had the good fortune to finally see them live just a month or so ago), and now they are making plans to record and release some new music.  You can help.  Click HERE and see what you can do to make this happen.

“Lonely and Blue” by Black Vincent

Black Vincent of Michigan (fronted by Coley Kennedy) recorded their album here in Nashville with the production team responsible for the recent Diamond Rugs release (also releases from Deer Tick, Middle Brother, Sallie Ford, and T. Hardy Morris).  This opening track immediately brought to mind Roy Orbison – the best possible ways.  Coley Kennedy sings here with a classic sounding croon and is backed by some highly original and yet classic sounding Rock and Roll heartbreak music.

“Too Many Men” by Eight O’Five Jive

One of Nashville’s swingingest (did I make that word up?) bands, is up next with the title track from their current album.  There are all kinds of problems in the world, and Eight O’Five Jive makes this one sound like a whole lot of fun.

“Sunday Papers” by Joe Jackson

From Look Sharp!  “They wouldn’t print it if it wasn’t true…”

“Boy Got it Bad” by KaiL Baxley

L.A. bases singer-songwriter KaiL Baxley has a new album called A Light That Never Dies.  This song goes back to his 2013 album Heatstroke/The Wind and the War.

“Wild” by Royal Teeth

Another track from the World Café Session mega-download.  Royal Teeth are based in Louisiana, and the create a fun brand of Indie-Pop…

“PreGame” by Grumsling

From the EP A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea… Grumsling are from San Francisco, and they are absolutely fun.  They combine innovative music with a full-frontal multi-media attack.. plus they have their own avatar/mascot who looks kind of evil but in a really fun kind of way.  Cute evil… maybe.

“Fuck On” by Christopher Aaron Slade

What can you say?  Christopher Aaron Slade approached me with some of his music which he described as AC/DC meets Blondie meets Scissor Sisters (or something like that).  I was intrigued enough to listen, and so far I have liked what I have heard.  Basically a lot of power chords set to a danceable beat with just enough New Wave funkiness to keep things interesting.  *By the way, I decided not to censor the song title so, if you are offended… well…  I don’t know…

“Gwan” by The Suffers

And we close out the day and the work week (I’m off tomorrow) with some Soul music from Houston Texas – another from the World Café Sessions.


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