Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – White Light Had It Mix

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Exciting day yesterday as the #E2TG Facebook Page barreled over 400 Likes on our way to 500!  Welcome all the new “likers”.  To get in on the party, click the clink above and give us a “Like”.

Let’s get  to today’s shuffle….

“White Light/White Heat” by The Velvet Underground

The repetition, the distortion, the power… The Velvet Underground were so far out in front that most people still haven’t caught up.  The title track from the band’s second album – the last with John Cale.

“Smoke” by Ilana J

Ilana J is a pop songwriter from Britain. Her current album Freefalling from the Ground Up was released last month.  This song is light, airy, and extremely catchy.

“Genie Versus Genie” by Clouseaux

When I attended the surf rock show featuring Crazy Aces and The Mystery Men, I picked up an instrumental rock zine that included a compilation CD.  From that record, comes a groovy track by this band from Houston.  I don’t know much about the band, but I really dig this tune.

“Hurricane Wind” by Carl Anderson

Another from Carl Anderson’s awesome record, Risk of Loss.  Coming to the Nashville scene by way of Charlottesville, VA, Anderson has found his place among the incredible wellspring of talent bubbling up out of East Nashville of late.  Risk of Loss remains in my heretofore hypothetical best of list for 2015.

“girl” by valued customer

The final song on Byugecup (The Huge Cup B-Sides). The song clocks in at over 9 minutes and manages to encompass much of what it is that makes Valued Customer so awesome.  I kind of said a whole bunch the last post I made about VC, so I will just end this post by saying: Valued Customer is good – really good.

“Cuckoo Song” by Townes Van Zandt

A while back, I grabbed a download of a Townes Van Zandt performance 1973 recorded at a coffee shop in Minneapolis…

“Marquee Man” by Pony Boy

Pony Boy was an L.A. singer/songwriter when Ear to the Ground first caught up with her about three years ago.  She has since moved to Nashillve and she just released her latest albun, Blue Gold on Cosmic Thug Records. The album was produced by the superduo of Adam Landry and Justin Collins. 


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Eyeballs on My Knees Mix

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Still kind of reeling from AMA Week (plus catching up on things like errands and laundry etc.).  About time to get out again, though.

In the shuffle…

“Broken Shoulders” by Dan Martin

Another strong track from Hoka Hey.  Martin is from Tulsa, OK.  There is some fine, fine music coming out of Oklahoma these days!

“Gasoline” by Stone Cupid

Unless you did the pre-order, you will have to wait until January to get hold of Stone Cupid’s album The Cardinal. I pre-ordered, so I don’t.  As  a sneak peak, we have a live performance from the (original) Family Wash of the title track from the album. Gasoline rocks with the proper mix of power and restraint that is evident through the album.  The experience of Julie Christensen and her band is evident.

“Whole Lotta Women” by Steve James

During Americana week, I attended a launch party for an album project called, Cold and Bitter Tears – a tribute to the legendary Venice Beach street performer who passed away in 1995  – less than a year after landing a record deal with Geffen and finally finding some degree of commercial success.   This is a song from that record, recorded by folk/blues musician Steve James.

“Trash and Mystery” by B-Movie

Another track from the 13 O’clock release by PPNW Records.  B-Movie were an early 80s New Wave band from England.  This is a previously unreleased demo from 1981. 

“High Yellow” by Cootie Stark

From the folks at Music Maker Relief Foundation. Cootie Stark was a Piedmont Blues musician who passed away in 2005.

“Jedd’s Gold Sled” by Crazy Aces

More fine instrumental rock music from Nashville’s Crazy Aces.

“Female of the Species” by Space

The UK band Space formed in the 90s.  They have just released a new single called “Strange World”.  “Female of the Species” was released as a single back in the mid 90s, and it stayed in the UK Top 40 for three months.  It is a great sounding song, that I am hearing for the first time.  

“I Heard Her Call My Name” by The Velvet Underground

And, we close out the day with some classic VU from White Light/White Heat.


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Here Comes the Night Mix

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We are back after taking yesterday off to celebrate Labor Day here in the U.S.   I have seen 8 different live performances since my last post. 

Sunday night at Foobar, I saw Ryan Dishen, Sioux City Kid, Adrian and Meredith Krygowski, and then long time #E2TG favorites Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray (full band).  I saw Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray back in July as a duo where they really stripped their songs down, and that was a fun show.  Here the band was tight and they blew the roof off the place. 

Last night, I headed out to The East Room for a show that featured three Nashville acts and one band from New York.  Toot Sweet from NYC opened the show. We featured them on Ear to the Ground before. They are part of the Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen collective, and thus became the first MCFK band that I have seen live. They were remarkable. Highly distinctive and original sound rooted in interesting older music in a style they call Cabaret Soul.  My good friends, Western Shore were next, and they delivered like they always do with their unique brand of Americana music.  The Wooly Mama’s were next and delivered a high energy performance that was a lot of fun. The headliners were The Lonely Bastards who were celebrating and giving away copies of their new vinyl single.  I had seen them some time ago, and I remember that I enjoyed them, but it was good to be reminded of what I liked.

Tonight, Megan Palmer, Amy Speace, Tim Easton, and 2014 E2TG Artist of the Year, Darrin Bradbury are doing a round at the legendary Bluebird Café.  It will be Darrin’s debut at the Bluebird, and is either a sign that Nashville is changing or else it is some other kind of sign…  either way, I am so proud of him.

Today’s shuffle as well as the recent live performances I have seen have been further evidence that there is so much great much out in the world right now. The old music business may or may not be dying, and yes it is hard for band’s to make money, and yet, every day, I discover and rediscover people who continue to make highly music and then put it out into the world.

“Meteoright” by Futurisk

Another track from the awesome 13 O’clock compilation put out by PPNW Records.  Futurisk were an early 80s synth punk, new wave band from Florida.  They are getting some latter day reissue treatment.

“Independence Day” by Discount Ravioli

From what I have gathered, the Discount Ravioli album, Robin Schultz and the 21 Prayers, was mostly recorded in a tent in the early hours of the morning of July 5. Independence Day is not to be mistaken for the Will Smith Sci-Fi Action flick of the same name, however, if you really want to mistake this song for that movie, then who am I to harsh your buzz.

“Check the Setlist” by Tom Schreck

Nashville songwriter/Outsider from his album Save Your Glory.  Rumor has it, Schreck is finishing up an EP called Added Glory. (Actually he posted about it on Facebook, but it is more fun to call it a rumor).

“Dead Men’s Garden Part II” by Bashful Hips

Another track from Too Old for a Coming of Age Story. So good…

“This Lonely Road” by Brian Carpenter and the Confessions

Another cool track from The Far End of the World which is due out in early October.

“Night Still Comes” by Neko Case

Last week we had Neko Case as part of the band The New Pornographers. Here she is solo from her 2013 album The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, the more I Love you.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

“Here She Comes Now” by The Velvet Underground

Another gem from White Light/White Heat.

“St. Roch Blues” by Hurray for the Riff Raff

A glorious song from New Orleans band, Hurray for the Riff Raff.

“Can’t Back Out” (acoustic) by The Silent War

The Silent War is the relatively new duo that features singer songwriter Garrison Starr and Adrianne Gonzalez. This came from a Noisetrade sampler.


Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Ding-Dong Mix

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First of all I have to give a huge shout out to everyone who helped make the inaugural The Finger and Ear to the Ground Presents: The Most Dangerous Game Show a huge success! Big props go to John McCollum and Darrin Bradbury without whom this would not have been possible.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  Thanks to The Building. Thanks to DJ Warbles for spinning great tunes between sets.  To Russell Thompson, Lindsay Ellyn, George Terry McDonald, and our very special guest Bob Dylan I mean Darrin Bradbury.  Let’s do this thing again!

We have a short but sweet shuffle. Only five songs thanks to the seventeen minute opening track… Jump

“Sister Ray” by The Velvet Underground

Coincidently, this song came up in the shuffle on The Velvet Underground’s drummer, Mo Tucker’s birthday!  There are only a handful of songs that I can tolerate for 17 minutes.  This is one of them.  Around the time that my passion for music was really starting to broaden and expand, Polydor Records released several of the Velvet Undergrounds classic albums along with VU a “new” collection of outtakes.  Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” had been one of the songs that hit me early in my musical journey, and although I knew he had been in a band called Velvet Underground, I had no way (from my small-medium sized town in the middle  of Tennessee) to hear that music.  The saying is that not many people bought the Velvet Underground albums, but that everyone who did formed a band or something like that.  I did not form a band, but nothing was the same for me after I heard The Velvet Underground. They were and to me still are a burst of fresh, dank, dark air. Their subject matter often shocked my suburban sensibilities, and they could be tender one minute and brutal the next.

“Used to Call Me Baby” (Split Lip Rayfield Cover) by The Blind Owl Band

The Blind Owl Band Saranac Lake, New York.  The released the 3 song EP Professionality (COVERS) which in addition to this Split Lip Rayfield song, also contains covers of songs my Man Man and The Devil Makes Three. The EP does a great job of showing off the diverse influences which help to make The Blind Owl Band who they are. This is our final song from the EP… it is delightfully raucous and catchy and fun.  For fun, I included the original Split Lip Rayfield version followed by The Blind Owl Band doing an original song (I could not find a video of them doing this one.

“Meredith Moonshine Land Trust” by Discount Ravioli

So, “Sister Ray” was over 17 minutes long… this one clocks in at around 0:45 seconds. Yet another from the Dord Music Group and their subsidiary(???) Discotime Records. I am not entirely sure what is going on here, but you know what? This and all of the music coming out the Dord compound is helping to restore my hopefulness of the kids of today (in the most weird and twisted way possible).  No video, so I added a Bandcamp widget of this track.  Do listen.


“Sink or Swim” by The Train Set

Another track from Never California.  This album came to me through e-mail, and I am so glad it did.  It is a very tasty slice of 80s era Brit-Pop.  There were so many great bands that came to my attention in that formative phase of my life, and even though I missed out on The Train Set the first time around, hearing it now is like discovering a long buried treasure.

“The Morning in Her” by Raging Fire

Besides The Velvet Underground and Brit-Pop, one of my major musical passions during the 80s was the vibrantly chaotic local music scene bubbling up in Nashville.  The whole thing seemed on the verge of bubbling over in the best way, but for a variety of reasons it never did. Nevertheless, some really awesome bands and music came out of that era.  Raging Fire were one of the best of that time.  I was happy to see recently that they are rereleasing much of their back catalogue and playing a reunion show at the Exit/In on October 3.  Melora Zaner has one of the most original and amazing voices in rock and roll.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Look Into Stone Mix

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Well here we are at the mid-point of another work week… time marches on… doesn’t it?

We have another outstanding shuffle featuring classic tunes and some new and newish music… JUMP!

“I’m Set Free” (live) by The Velvet Underground

I have a confession. Sometimes, I secretly and privately scoff at people who accumulate every piece of recorded music of their favorite band… you know imports, bootlegs, rarities – without regard to the quality of the recording or whatever… I mean… I don’t mean to knock anyone – especially a music lover, but it just seems a bit silly to me sometimes.  That being said, I am nothing if not hypocritical.  I give you a short sample of  a recording from Max’s in 1970.  My only defense… it’s the Velvet Underground.

“Starting All Over Again” by Amy Black

My shuffle functions seems to be as much in love with the new Amy Black album as I am.  We have another track from the Muscle Shoals Sessions today.  This one is a cover of a song originally recorded by Mel and Tim at Muscle Shoals.  The song was later covered by Hall and Oates.

“Wedding Song” by Charlie Whitten

Charlie Whitten is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville.   I had heard his name and grabbed some music from a Noisetrade Sampler of his music.  This song comes from his CD entitled Hey Love.  I like it a bunch.

“In Spite of Ourselves” by Iris Dement, John Prine

You haven’t really lived until you’ve heard Darrin Bradbury and Jon Latham sing this song – impromptu – in the middle of a crowded bar.  But, Iris and John do a pretty decent version, too.

“Afrique” (take 3 vocal) by Duke Ellington

I have to admit, I am sometimes intimidated by Jazz as a genre.  As it should be obvious by now, I am not a musician, and so I know there are technical nuances to the music that I just don’t get. Actually that is true about a lot of music, but jazz seems by design to be more focused on that aspect.  Also,  although I have been really listening to jazz for about 25 years, my listening has been kind of haphazard. I have a pretty solid base in Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and a few others… but I know I have missed out (so far) on some really crucial artists and recordings.  All that being said, hearing Duke Ellington come up on my shuffle makes me happy!

“Sixes + Sevens” by Indigenous Engines

Indigenous Engines is the new project by my friend Andrew Adkins  (The Colored Parade).  This new project has two EPs currently available for Free Download via Bandcamp.  This song is from one of those EPs called Werewolves (the other EP is called Witches).  Check it out!

“Visitation Rights” by The Transcendents

I joked about my shuffle needing to clear out the transcendents’ self-titled album to make room for their new EP Lay Where You Collapse.   Regardless of my joke, this track is our final listen to that first record.  Look and listen for the new record to appear in the shuffle soon.  The band is from Christchurch, New Zealand, and man oh man, I like their music a ton.

“If I Didn’t Love You” by Squeeze

I hate to randomly mention Jon Latham twice in a post – no I don’t – but a recent status update of his on Facebook prompted me to dig out my Squeeze Singles album and load it into the Playlist.  This band  was just about perfect, and Singles was a handy way to catch up on their early music.  This song was originally on the band’s 1980 album Argybargy. The band was originally active from their formation in 1974!! until 1982.  When I really caught up with them that original run was over.  Fortunately, they reunited in 1985 and got to seem them live with Jools Holland on keyboard. 

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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – If I Could Mix

Francie Moon and The Great Outdoors at Fond Object 8/16/2014

Plodded my way through another week… Today’s shuffle is a strange trip… or something…

“Charm” by Francie Moon and the Great Outdoors from Francie Moon and the Great Outdoors

New Jersey’s Francie Moon and the Great Outdoors stopped in Nashville last Saturday. (Photographic evidence above)  Popa Tunes shot me a heads up, or I might have missed it.  It was a pretty nice evening.  East Nashville summer, people strolling in off the streets, great music, women dancing, a nifty shop, and I even ran into an old friend (a nice surprise).  They performed this song.

“Until They Find Us” by The Grey A from My Country

Three weeks from tonight, The Grey A will be at the Stone Fox in Nashville for release show for this album.  I will finally get to meet Howard Rabach in person. He has been a friend of the blog since almost the very beginning, and he is slinging the bass for The Grey A these days.  Nashville folks it should be an amazing night with lots of local guests who helped with the record expected to appear.

“Waiting for the Man” by The Velvet Underground from Boston Tea Party, Jan. 10, 1969

This may be the only kind of Tea Party you will find on Ear to the Ground.  I don’t drink tea. I don’t support the political kind of tea party, and I really don’t post that much about US history.  But, when it comes to a live recording of The Velvet Underground from 1969 – well, that is my kind of tea party. “Oh pardon me sir, it’s the furthest from my mind”

“Smokestack Lightning” by Tomas Doncker Band from Moanin’ at Midnight: The Howlin’ Wolf Project

Explosive Blues guitar with a  Global Soul flair – Smokestack Lightning ya’ll… Howlin’ Wolf ya’ll…  Tomas Doncker ya’ll!

“If I Could Then I Would” by Tim Carroll from Opening Up/If I Could

Isn’t this cool, Tim Carroll covering my favorite John Prine song  playing a song he wrote that has been covered by John Prine and several other folks.  Tim played this when I saw him at Fran’s a couple of weeks ago.  Great song!

“Billie Jean 2008 Kanye West Mix” by Michael Jackson from Thriller 25 Super Deluxe Edition

Nothing to see here… just Ear to the Ground posting a Kanye West mix of an iconic Michael Jackson song.   This is what happens when I get bored and started surfing around the Freegal music site. It won’t be the last time. Deal…

“Everything Right is Wrong Again” by They Might Be Giants from First Album Live

Story of my life….  It’s been fun rediscovering how great They Might Be Giants’ first album really is and was.

“The Quiet Side of Hell” by Darrin Bradbury from Death in My Left Ear!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”);

Confession:  Today’s shuffle could have ended after They Might Be Giants.  I had made into the office, but then I started fixing my morning coffee, and I got distracted and I didn’t stop the shuffle when that last song ended.  And then, this song started playing, and it’s a really good song, and god knows I don’t post enough Darrin Bradbury on here – do I?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week of music.  If you hear music you like then you need to Like/Follow/Stalk them on social media, buy their music, see them live, and/or buy their merchandise. (Except Kanye and Michael Jackson.  Kanye is rich enough and Michael is dead.)


Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – denigrate obtuse mix

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Hope everyone is doing well…

Let’s jump straight into the Shuffle….

“Talkin’ World War III Blues” by Billy Bragg (from The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan: A Folk Tribute. A great way to start today’s shuffle.  Taken from a song by song cover of Dylan’s landmark second album – a Woody Guthrie-style talking blues song covered up just right by one of the voices of my generation, Billy Bragg)

“Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabell” by Annie Sellick (from Let’s Make a Christmas Memory. Annie Sellick is an acclaimed and accomplished jazz vocalist from Nashville.  This is her first Christmas album, and this song happens to be lead track.  It’s a glorious and beautiful take on a French carol which includes the backing of a full orchestra. The album is due out on November 28, and Sellick will have a release performance on December 5 with the Nashville Jazz Orchestra. I usually don’t listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but I wanted to introduce this one to you. I have at least one other new Christmas album which I hope to be featuring before the holidays are over.)

“The Murder Mystery” by The Velvet Underground (from The Velvet Underground.  The eponymously titled third album by New York band The Velvet Underground was also the first without founding member John Cale. The Murder Mystery stands alone on this album (which is filled with more straight forward sounds) with it’s overlapping spoken-words and the haunting counter-point vocals.)

“I’d Rather Be High” by David Bowie (from The Next Day.  When this year began, it was pretty widely accepted that David Bowie was all but retired from music. As it turned out, Bowie still had a few musical tricks up his metaphorical sleeve and released his twenty-fourth studio album in early March. The album has received generally positive reviews with some calling it his best work since Scary Monsters released over twenty years prior.  We dig deeper into this album with the 8th track.)

“Riptide” by Vance Joy (from God Loves You When You’re Dancing.  A pretty nifty folk/pop song getting some significant buzz from the people who buzz about such things.  Vance will be touring with Young the Giant next year including a stop in Nashville at the Ryman in March.)

“Tennessee Blues” by The Howlin’ Brothers (from The Sun Studio Session.  I think at this point I’ve featured this whole record. The video playlist for today includes a live video from the Sun Studio Session. A PBS show is scheduled for early next year, and February 4 is the target date for the next full-length The Howlin’ Brothers record.  As this song played this morning, I was driving just north of downtown Nashville, and it was a crisp, clear Fall day, and this song was just about the perfect accompaniment.)

“Smug” by Grounded (from their new untitled album.  Nice way to close out the Shuffle with an extended – 7 plus minute jam from this young band from Florida.)

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WATCH (video playlist)