Thursday "Morning" Music Shuffle – Skinny Jeans Mix

It’s the late night edition of the Morning Music Shuffle.  The shuffle was from this morning, the post drops now!

First up, we have Sugar and the Hi Lows from their self-titled album that came out back in February with See It For Yourself. Sugar and the Hi Lows are Trent Dabbs and Amy Stroup who are Nashville residents and part of the Ten out of Tenn collective.  They play a rootsy mix of vintage soulful music.  

Next up we have experimental hip-hop artists from Toronto, Valued Customer with their song, Frank Ocean from the Album Voice/Drum which came out (no pun intended) back in June.

Next we have another New Jersey band which came to us via Popatunes.  It’s Conor and the Stonehill Kids with the title track from their 2011 EP called Don’t Move.

Here is a video for a different song by the band…

And finally, we have a song from one of current Featured Artists who are in the running for Band of the Month (polls now open – here).  On this shuffle we have True Mad North taking it into a rocking country direction with Glass of Gasoline of their self-titled album that came out late last year.


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Polls are Open – Band of the Month – September 2012

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Featured Artists for September 2012

I am pleased to present Ear to the Ground’s Featured Artists for the month of September 2012 You can visit the page to learn more: HERE
We have also created a Facebook Interest Page so that you can keep up with all of these create artists.  Visit the Facebook Interest Here 
 Finally, we have a Twitter List you can follow – use the widget below.  A feed from the list is up and running below and on the Featured Artist Page.
Without much further ado here are the Featured Artists for September 2012:
Alex Bennett
And the Giraffe
Friday Night Music Club
The Great American Novel
The Grimm Generation
Korby Lenker
Man on Earth
Sad Baby Wolf
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