Friday Morning Music Shuffle – The Thrill is Gone Mix

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Of course, the dominant news of the day is the passing of B.B. King, and my Facebook feed is filled with people from all different genres of music weighing in on the passing of this legend.  King’s death comes just days after the death of a much lesser known Blues singer named Captain Luke Mayer at the age of 87 and serves as a reminder that we are losing/have lost so many of the greats of the modern music era. I do not see a need to compare and contrast the  lives and careers of B.B. King and Captain Luke (at least not here and now), just to say how grateful I am that the music will endure.  Which means I am grateful for all the groups and people who are making sure that the music lives on.  And for me that means, the preservationists and historians and traditionalists as well as those who are continuing to innovate to keep all forms of Roots music (no matter how broadly that term is defined) a living breathing thing.

R.I.P. B.B. King and Captain Luke.  Thank you for the gifts of your music.

“Spilled Years” by Darrin Bradbury

“We will never be that dumb and young again…”  Nola – Darrin and Megan Palmer are in your city as I type this.  Make them feel at home!

“Monster Inside” by Broken Guru

A favorite of mine from Bent up Halo.

“Grounds for Divorce” by Elbow

From their 2008 album The Seldom Seen Kid.

“Leavin’ Sound” by The Ghoul Goes West

The next to the last song we have to present from Ghosts and Bones and Blood and Things.  Please check out this band and give them some support. They are great.

“Gnab Gib” by Grumsling

Grumsling are a San Francisco area band that I really just got a hold of… they have a fascinating story that I will expound upon as more songs enter the shuffle.  In the meantime, just a listen.  The is for the EP Full Coverage.

“Hard Day Coming Down” by The Record Company

Some great bluesy music from this California band.

“The Visit” by Richard Barone

Another track from Cool Blue Halo….

“Keep Your Promises” by Sean Watkins

All I Do is Lie is the album..

“Sally, I’ve Been Shot” by Two Cow Garage

The Columbus Ohio band currently counts among its members Todd Farrell Jr.  This is from their Sweet Saint Me album.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – All Rise Mix

I was out of the office, so today’s shuffle comes from yesterday’s drive home.  and I have to make it quick.

Very quick…  JUMP NOW

We have some great songs in the mix today,and I wish I had more time to spend telling you about them.  Give a listen to the Video Playlist and check out our weekly Amazon Store.  Just a friendly note/reminder, if you order anything from Amazon through our Store, we get a percentage of the sale.  So if you need a million dollar home and if Amazon sells it, go through our store, please.

Today we have in semi-no particular order….  A song from The Blind Owl Band from New York, Another great tune from Kalpa by Valued  Customer from Toronto or something….  A couple from Beastie Boys off of Licensed to Ill, a song by the awesome Two Cow Garage, a Killing Kuddles songs, one by Marla Mase, Two by Tim Lee 3, a classic by True Believers, Dead Pop Stars Society, One from a UK band called False-Heads, one from Katey Laurel, a great song from Nashville band Clemency, one from Susan James, and a classic from The Box Tops.

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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Convenience Store Mix

Man, it’s been a busy few weeks… Please be sure to check out our Featured Artist for July 2012.  I am going to try to get some more info up about each of the bands.  Also, the Band of the Month Poll will be opening probably on Sunday or Monday so keep an eye out for that.

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Okay – it’s about the music, and we had a neat shuffle today which I would like to share with you:

Last week marked the 25th Anniversary of the seminal Replacement’s album, Pleased to Meet Me.  If you keep up with me on Facebook you already knew that.  Well, today we have a cover of one of the great songs from that album.  Micah Schnabel is a singer/songwriter who is also a member of the Alt-Country/Rock band Two Cow Garage.  His minimalistic and ragged cover of Can’t Hardly Wait is on his 2010 solo album, When the Stage Lights Go Dim.

A early demo version of Can’t Hardly Wait which was recorded around the time of the Tim album.
Adam Carroll is a Texas Singer/Songwriter, and I cannot believe I have missed out on his music for so long.  Blondie and Dagwood comes from his 2000 album Lookin’ Out the Screen Door, and Carroll turns the long running comic strip into a John Prine worthy twangy, folk ballad.  I loved every single moment of this song.

And finally, the shuffle concluded with another instant classic from Anais Mitchell’s Young Man in America. Tailor sounds like a folk standard, and I have the feeling it will be in due time.  Mitchell’s unique voice and incredible songs completely blow me away.

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*Artist:  MITCHELL,ANAIS *Genre: Popular Music *Release Date: 9-MAR-2010