Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Adjustable Rod Mix

Not much pre-shuffle commentary today.  It is Friday ahead of a three day weekend here in the States, and this is the last Morning Shuffle of August. We have some real gems in the shuffle today, so let’s do it!

“The Second Renaissance (Part III)” by The Danbury Lie from Fourth Time’s a Charm

Working our way backwards through The Second Renaissance series of tracks (we previously have presented part IV and Parts I-II are still to come).  The enigmatic The Danbury Lie offer up a prime example of what they do so well in this instrumental track that transitions effortlessly from gentle folk to progressive metal.

“Thinking Out Loud” by Ron Sexsmith from Other Songs

Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith is up next with a song from his second major label album.  This song really resonated with me this morning.  “But it’s hard to think with all the racket Going on inside our heads”

“Grampa’s Got the Marshall Out Again” by Tim Carroll from Opening Up

Just a fun song – one of the highlights from seeing Tim down at Fran’s. Maybe he’ll do this song with a full-band tonight at The 5 Spot for his Rock ‘n Roll Happy Hour… Go Grampa go! Just not too far…

“If Memory Serves” by Chris Stamey from Lovesick Blues

Chris Stamey was part of The Dbs.  He has played with a virtual who’s who of my musical heroes.  This song is from his excellent 2013 solo record.

“Girl That’s Hip” by Tim Carroll from Opening Up/Not for Sale

I want a girl who’s hip, but not too hip…  #2 from Mr. Carroll. Another favorite.

“Occasional Shivers” by Chris Stamey from Lovesick Blues

I have to say this alternating tracks thing with Tim Carroll and Chris Stamey that the shuffle monster has come up with is pretty damn sweet.  This is another song that really resonated with me this morning…

“Hold Me Up” by Velvet Crush from Teenage Symphonies to God

This record is twenty years old this year, and it still sounds fresh, and it really makes a nice addition to this shuffle.

“Earthquake, Hurricane, Flood and You” !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); by The Grimm Generation from The Big Fame

Okay – so several songs are resonating with me this morning.  The mighty, mighty The Grimm Generation sum up a bunch of relationships in a way only they can do. 

“Adjustable Rod” by Joe Bouchard and Marty Carlson from $100 Guitar Project

So, as I understand it, somebody bought a guitar for $100 bucks.  Passed it around to a bunch of great players and let them play and then sign the guitar.  The resulting songs were recorded and released and feature such names Fred Firth, Elliot Smith, Henry Kaiser, and a bunch more.  This track features Joe Bouchard who was in Blue Oyster Cult from 1971 until 1986, and Marty Carlson. 

“People Happy” by The Grey A from My Country

And we close out with another great song from the soon to be released new album from The Grey A.  I have some great lines in my head about this song, but I want to save them for the review I AM going to write this weekend.  Ah heck…. this song is what happens when to take a gentle yet sincere political folk song and incorporate it into a catchy pop song. And I use catchy pop song in the most respectful and positive way. I think too often Pop music becomes too synonymous in some peoples minds with mindless, lame, disposable music.  I tend to call those type of songs crap music. People Happy is none of those previously mentioned things.  It is thoughtful, clever, and timeless. I think (for better or for worse) this song will come off as timely and in the now as it does today.


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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Retractable Redaction Mix

CORRECTION:  In a previous post, we stated that Justin Bieber and The Jonas Brothers founded The Quarrymen, the band that later became The Beatles.  This was not correct.  As many of you wrote in to tell us, Justin Bieber joined after the name change and was never a member of The Quarrymen. (source: wikipedia). Ear to the Ground regrets this error.

Got a full plate today, so let’s get to the Shuffle:

First up, lets get our 90s Power Pop groove on with Velvet Crush a Rhode Island band.  Today’s song is Weird Summer which comes from their 1994 Matthew Sweet produced, Teenage Symphonies to God album.

(A Velvet Crush cover of Suffragette City)
The next track is from an upcoming mixtape called, The Wild, The Innocent and the TV Shuffle. It’s a song called, I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now from the San Diego based duo, TV Girl.

(a previous release from TV Girl)

Next is a live version of classic UK punk song, Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve) by The Buzzcocks from their second album, Love Bites. People from my generation may recognize the song which was covered by Fine Young Cannibals.

The Black Jesuses are a side project of members of the band The Parlor Mob.  Roll Call Blues is today’s track from that project.(h/t and link to Popa’s Tunes)

Finally, we have a track from a compilation called, Generations I: a Punk Look at Human Rights.  It’s called The Alien Song, and it features The Red Aunts along with punk goddess, Exene Cervenka (as Exene Cervenkova).

(a Red Aunts video-Not The Alien Song)