Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Guess That I Just Don’t Know Mix

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Shuffle: “River” by The Delta Saints from Death Letter Jubilee (2013) – The Delta Saints come from Nashville but their music rises like the high humidity from a swampy place down where the Mississippi River joins the Gulf of Mexico.

“A Switch Behind the Poster? (Let’s Push it!)” by Black Doctor Jr. from Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen – Section 5 (2014)/Single (2013) – The good doctor returnes to #E2TG with their latest single which is compiled on the latest Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen compilation (the fifth, I’m guessing) which filled with great music. The song is chunky and soaring and freakin’ awesome.“99 Shades of Crazy” by JJ Grey and Mofro from Alligator Records: 21st Century Blue and Roots (2014)/This River (2013) – We’re all crazy – get over it.  Some southern blues rock from Jacksonville, Florida from a recent Alligator Records compilation.

“Sleep/Whatever” by Ghost Pal from God Save MCFK (2013) – some sweet psychedelic sounding pop music from another Mama Coco’s band which is fronted by the ubiquitous Oliver Ignatius the man behind the curtain at the Funky Kitchen.  Which provide a good opportunity to remind you of their on-going plan to build-out a new space.“Take Your Makeup Off the Wall” by The Foresters from Living Hold (2014) – the kids from Connecticut are back in the shuffle with another great track from their latest album.  Their CXCW performance of this song (included in the video playlist below) earned them the There is Hope for the Future Award.  Hope indeed.

“Heroin” by The Velvet Underground from The Velvet Underground and Nico (1967) – I’ve never done heroin.  Thanks to Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, I feel like I don’t need to… 47 years later VU are still way ahead of the time.

“Perfect Storm” by Jenny Leigh from Tipping Point (2013) – A nifty Country song by a powerful singer – fairly recently relocated to Nashville.

“Shops” by The Jean Jackets from Field Theory Blues (2013) – I just realized I’m a whole album behind on this great indie pop band – yet another Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen member.  Memory and time shortages allowing, I will catch up, but in the meantime, check out this evocative final track from their second most recent album.“Too Many Cuts” by Pork Chop Willie from Love is the Devil (2014) – North Country Alabama blues with a Brooklyn edge helps make this album by Pork Chop Willie one of the best of 2014.  Garnering a lot of well deserved attention from the Blues community, the music is fresh and suitable for music fans of all types. Highly recommended!



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Freaks Mix

Busy, busy… A few things before we jump into the shuffle…

First, a reminder that next week we begin our very #E2TG approach to The Best of 2013.  Stay tuned for that.

A couple of live videos hit our inbox this week and wanted to share…  The Mad Doctors are from Brooklyn and they kick some major butt.  Check out this performance from 11/30/2013.


This next video is from our Nashville friends Year of October.  We are looking forward to a new album (fingers crossed) for 2014.  Meanwhile, this past weekend, they did a mini-tour which included a stop in Louisville which is where this next video was filmed.  Check it out!


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On to today’s mixture of mixed musical melodies….

EXTRA BITS:  “The Remainder” by Andrew Ferris    “Freaks” by The Hawk in Paris   “Jealousy” by Chamberlin  (note: read the band’s Facebook Page Biography)    “Sunday Morning” by The Velvet Underground (and Nico)     “Hold Tight” by Fats Waller   “Cold Chicago” by Humming House   “Refuse to Hide” by Jenny Leigh   “Viet Nam” by Minutemen   “R*A*M*O*N*E*S” by Motorhead   “Sweet Head” by David Bowie  “The Wheels of Love” by Terminal Gods 

Our twofer Thursday Tracks (okay I made that up and I know twofer should be on  Tuesday but whatever):

“Nothing Indeed” and “Take 5, D.” by the Minutemen (from Double Nickels on the Dime.)


“Sex” by The 1975 (from The 1975.  A band and album that made some year end lists.  I like what I’ve heard so far.)

“Cold Blooded” by American Babies (from Knives and Teeth.  A Philadelphia band.  Another band that I’m just getting acquainted with, and I like what I hear)

“Fox” by Cloud Gavin (from Posture.  This song has become a world-wide sensation and it’s dance inspiring video  has become an internet hit.  This is a really cool Rock song by a band from Illinois.  No silly dances were inspired by this song.)

“Whatevering” by The Great American Novel (from 😦  . A stand-out track and a great introduction to the musical and humorous style of this New York band.)

“Fallen” by The Westies (from West Side Stories.  This album is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine.  Just pure honest songwriting, well played and sung.  Really… that’s all it takes.)


“Nothing Indeed”


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Off Kilter Mix

Well no doubt about it, the week is in full swing.  Hope everyone is having a good one.  If not, I hope my merry band of tunes will help turn things around or at least brighten your journey just a bit.

My poor brain has been hatching a scheme, and I really want to make it a reality.  I’ve got some time, but I have the feeling I need to start working on details soon. I’ll be sending some direct messages soon asking for advice etc. And rest assured when the time is right, you my faithful readers will be among the first to know.

In the meantime, this being the first Tuesday of the month, we have loaded up the old MP3 player with a fresh batch of tunes.  The August playlist starts now with what could be a record, 50 songs!  The songs run a pretty wide gamut (is wide gamut acceptable or is it redundant? Oh well…) with music dating from the 50s to the present day with stops in the sixties, the eighties, the 2000s and the 2010s – and perhaps others… in addition, we have covers, live bootlegs, big hit songs and brand spanking new tracks and everything in between.  Here is our first taste:

We begin with a song from the late, great Eddie Cochran. 3 Steps to Heaven was released on his 12 Greatest Hits album which was released just days before his untimely death in April 1960.  


Next up,we have a track from a bootleg of a 1967 live performance by The Velvet Underground entitled Psychedelic Sounds From the Gymnasium.  The track, Guess I’m Falling in Love, appeared surfaced in Instrumental form on the 80s compilation, Another View.  Check out the bootleg here. (via captainsdead)

White Chalk is the first taste of a forthcoming album (Ark – out 10/15) by the British Producer who works under the name, Halls. It’s a spare, murky bit of pop.  Here’s some info on the track.

Next up we have To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High) from Ryan Adams’ 2000 solo debut Heartbreaker.  The album, made just after the demise of Whiskeytown, features Dave Rawlings, Gillian Welch, Kim Richey and Emmylou Harris among others.  Have at it for $6.99 from Amazon – using the pic/link below.


And finally, we’ll close things out today with a song we featured over the weekend. It’s Nashville’s own Natural Child with the song Mother Nature’s Daughter which will be released as a 7″ on August 21 via Jeffery Drag Records.

 Here’s an older video by Natural Child


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Let’s Rock Mix

Ready, Set, Go Cat Go <A HREF=””> Widgets</A>

Friday Morning Music Shuffle – PB&J Mix

It’s Friday – smile!
Um or um – not sure what to say.  I’ve found some words, and will be writing about the In-Store performance I saw yesterday…so stay tuned.
Today we have a quirkily awesome mix of music so let’s get to it…
First up we have transplanted Nashvillian Eef Barzelay’s band Clem Snide post-reunion effort The Ghost of Fashion (2010) and a track called Joan Jett of Arc which name drops Hall and Oates, John Mellencamp’s Pink Houses  and others to great effect and humor. 
Next we have a track from the solo debut album, Resolutions by Dave Hause who has been a member of several Philadelphia-based bands over the years. We have the excellent lead track of the album, Time Will Tell is a raw and starkly, beautiful song.
 Next up we have a cover, and it’s a good one.  Mitch Easter the producer was responsible for tons of my favorite music way back in my youth – R.E.M., his own band Let’s Active, yesterday’s Connells album we featured, Marshall Crenshaw, Pylon, Suzanne Vega, Game Theory … deep breath. Here we have Mitch Easter the performer from the fairly recent Velvet Underground tribute CD American Velvet.  His cover of The Black Angel’s Death Song  which was on the Velvet’s first album The Velvet Underground and Nico.  Easter’s gentle Carolina twang adds a note of Southern Gothic charm to the dark and dissonant song. 
Lou Reed John Cale and Nico Reuniting in 1972

(Couldn’t find a video of Mitch Easter’s version – so here’s Beck’s cover)

 Affiliated Links:
 From BestBuy – Some Unadvertised Savings!

Eef Barzelay

Eef Barzelay
Eef Barzelay

The Velvet Underground and Nico The Velvet Underground and Nico
The Velvet Underground and Nico has influenced the sound of more bands than any other album. And remarkably, it still sounds as fresh and challenging today as it did upon its release in 1967. In this book, Joe Harvard covers everything from Lou Reed’s lyrical genius to John Cale’s groundbreaking instrumentation, and from the creative input of Andy Warhol to the fine details of the recording process. With input from co-producer Norman Dolph and Velvets fan Jonathan Richman, Harvard documents the creation of a record which – in the eyes of many – has never been matched. EXCERPTIn 1966, some studios, like Abbey Road, had technicians in white lab coats, and even the less formal studios usually had actual engineering graduates behind the consoles. Studios were still more about science than art. Clients who dared make technical suggestions were treated with bemusement, derision, or hostility. The Velvets were a young band under constant critical attack, and the pressure to conform in order to gain acceptance must have been tremendous. Most bands of that era compromised with their record companies, through wholesale revamping of their image from wardrobe to musical style, changing or omitting lyrics, creating drastically edited versions for radio airplay, or eliminating songs entirely from their sets and records. With Andy Warhol in the band’s corner, such threats were minimized.

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Dr. Dr., Give Me the News Mix

Reminder: Voting for the March Band of the Month ends at 8:00pm Central Time on Friday April 13.  Vote now.  The poll is on the sidebar to the left.  Here are the details.

Where is the Band of the Week?  Due to the holiday, the Band of the Month, a top secret project and general laziness. I made an executive decision to forgo the Band of the Week post for this past week.  It’s certainly not from lack on great bands.  I just wanted to be sure to give the selected band the attention they deserve.  Look for a Band of the Week post after the Band of the Month poll closes.

Record Store Day is now just 10 days away.  Go here to find the participating location near you.  Here in Nashville Grimey’s New and Pre-Loved Music has a pretty killer line-up of live music.  JEFF the Brotherhood, PUJOL, Langhorne Slim, The Grenadines, Kansas Bible Company and Lovedrug have been announced so far.

To the songs for today:

First up, POP ETC is Morning Benders. Got that?  We posted a link to the Morning Benders up top.  The first album as POP ETC is due out later this year, but right now, you can grab a free download of a Mixtape from the band’s website.  The song we have today is from that mixtape and it is called Halfway to Heaven.

After that, we have two rather interesting cover songs.

The first song is a cover of Willie Nelson’s Time of the Preacher a track from the Red Headed Stranger album.  The cover is by the late, great Johnny Cash from the Twisted Willie tribute album.

Finally, a cover of one of the “lost” songs by the Velvet Underground which was finally released in the mid 80s on VU (which was when I had my mind opened and blown by Lou Reed and company). Foggy Notion is covered by Echo & the Bunnymen on volume 2 of the Heaven & Hell Velvet Underground tribute series. The Heaven & Hell series of albums was compiled as Unpiecing the Jigsaw.

Affiliated Links:

Lemonade [feat. 88-keys, Chris Chu of The Morning Benders, and Bernie Worrell] - Single Lemonade [feat. 88-keys, Chris Chu of The Morning Benders, and Bernie Worrell] – Single
Lemonade [feat. 88-keys, Chris Chu of The Morning Benders, and Bernie Worrell] – Single

Willie Nelson American Rebel Baby Doll Tee Willie Nelson American Rebel Baby Doll Tee
Willie Nelson American Rebel Music Baby Tee This is an officially licensed Willie Nelson Baby Tee in which this girls shirt has been screen printed with a Willie Nelson design on the front of this cotton junior fitted babydoll tee shirt. These Willie Nelson Baby Tee shirts are usually made from a softer 5oz. stretchy cotton baby doll tee shirts. These Willie Nelson Baby Tees are designed to be fitted babydoll style shirts for someone who likes to wear form fitted style of a shirt. Check back often for some of our new Willie Nelson clothing and other Willie Nelson Merchandise at great prices only at – .

The Velvet Underground: New York Art The Velvet Underground: New York Art
The Velvet Underground is an astonishing assembly of rare objects and artworks and the first book of its scale to document the formative years of the band Time Out magazine named the greatest New York musicians of all time. From never-before-seen photographs of the band’s first live show in New York to Andy Warhol’s cover and poster designs, Lou Reed’s handwritten music and lyrics, underground press clippings and controversial reviews, flyers, handbills, and posters, the materials here comprise a uniquely comprehensive survey of the first rock group ever to transcend the genre and embrace underground popular culture. Including a conversation recorded especially for the book between founding members Lou Reed and John Cale, and contributions from drummer Maureen Tucker, this beautifully illustrated book is the first to present a definitive picture of the band’s genesis and development in the extraordinary New York scene of the mid- to late-1960s.

Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Storms approaching Mix

Time to batten down the hatches here in Tennessee. Call it Stormpocalypse 2012.  

I have to be quick before I get blown away – so prepare to be blown away by an awesome shuffle! See what I did there?


Here is the shuffle:

<——– Tom Tom Club –  Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom

Tom Tom Club – Shock the World – Chris and Tina (from Talking Heads) and friends get their groove thing on.  Shocking!

<———-Kort – Invariable Heartache

KORT (Kurt Wagner from Lambchop (not the X-Men) and Courtney Tidwell) doing their best Conway and Loretta on Picking Wild Mountain Berries.

<—–The Gaslight Anthem – American Slang 

New Brunswick, New Jersey’s The Gaslight Anthem have The Spirit of Jazz.

<——–The Tourists – Should Have Been Greatest Hits

The Tourists featured Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart before they formed the Eurythmics.  They cover Dusty Springfield on a lush, new wavy version of  I Only Want to Be With You.

<———–The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground

We close out this morning shuffle with the opening track from The Velvet Underground’s third album. Candy Says was written about Candy Darling who was the Candy who came from out of the Island in Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wildside