Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Scary (Good) Mix

Happy Halloween!

First off – we have a treat!  How about the brand new video of a song we presented a week or so ago.  Our friends Those Mockingbirds released the song “How to Rob a Bank” back on the 22nd of October.  Now they have an instructional video.  An Official Video anyway… Here it is!

I never quite have it together enough for a holiday-themed shuffle… but today, the Randomizer came up with alien arachnids, electrical discharges, monks, extinct birds, and puppets.  Which can create some pretty frightening images if you use your imagination.

Jump to see what I am rattling on about… if you dare… bwahahahahaha!

“Ziggy Stardust” (Original – Bonus track on the 1990 CD Release) by David Bowie ( from The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars – stripped down and just plain awesome… with God-given ass…)

“Make it Together” by Beachwood Sparks (from Paste Fall Pre(View) 2013 (from Desert Skies. This song was the b-side of the L.A. Americana bands’ first single from 1998 – Desert Skies.  The long shelved debut album – also called Desert Skies is going to be released later in the forthcoming month.  We have a link in our web-store if you are interest. I really dig Beachwood Sparks even if I am late to their parade.)

“Afraid to Die” by Monks of Mellonwah (from Afraid to Die.  The band is releasing their new album in three parts.  We featured the first part – Ghost Stories over the summer, and Afraid to Die- the second part was released at the beginning of this month.  This is the title track.  Really like the Monks of Mellonwah)

“Confidence” by The Dodos (from Carrier. A San Francisco indie band.  The album Carrier was released back in August.)

“The Greatest Lie Ever Told” by Puppet Rebellion (from Chemical Friends EP. Puppet Rebellion are a band. They are from Manchester. England – not the Tennessee town where Bonaroo is held. They formed in 2013 – which is this year. Chemical Friends is their first release – a three song EP. “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” is one of those three songs.  It fairly awesomely rocks.  I came to their music via a Twitter Follow – near as I remember.  Check them out.)



The Grimm Generation – The Ear 2 the Ground Interview

It’s not secret that I love music.  Honest – it’s not a secret – ask anyone.  And, it’s part of my nature to constantly seek out new music.  I don’t just do it because of this blog – this just gives me a more legitimate excuse for doing so (as if I need an excuse – legitimate or not).  I make presenting and featuring new music an important part of what we do here.  You also may know that I have pretty eclectic taste in music. Jazz, Punk, Experimental Hip-Hop, Americana, Alt-Rock, Alt-Country, Alt-Pop-Folk, Acoustic Baroque Dubsteppy Metal – I don’t care what you call it – if it’s got a good beat and I can dance to it, I’ll give it an ‘8’!

What was I talking about… oh yeah, Music – good music.  I’ve tried from the start to keep the energy positive. If I like it, I’ll write about it; if I don’t, I probably won’t.

Now, that being said – out of all the music I’ve “discovered” in course of writing this silly blog – the number of times I’ve been blown out of the water by a band or song or record has been very low. By blown out of the water – I’m talking about being bowled over – on the spot.  Love at first thing: The Music Edition. I am not going to attempt to name those few bands for one because I’ll leave somebody off and two because… just because…

Bottom line here people is that The Grimm Generation was one of those handful of bands that rocked my world and didn’t even buy me dinner first. But, now I’m hooked and they can’t shake me off – like that person you met at a dark bar and…well you see where I’m going with this.

In an earlier post, I said something to the effect that The GG make music that sounds like it has always existed. They make unabashedly great music.  Every time, I hear The Grimm Generation, I find myself thinking – why doesn’t everybody in the world know about this.  And then I blame myself, and say I could’ve done more!  So I find an excuse to write more.  If asked why I love this band so much, I would not have been able to say for sure, but recently, I had a chance to “talk” via good old fashioned e-mai to Jason and Carmen of The Grimm Generation and as you will see, everything became crystal clear…

E2TG: How long has The Grimm Generation existed and what has changed since the early days of the band?
THE GRIMM GENERATION: The Grimm Generation formed in 2010 based on the post-divorce transcripts, hang ups and habits that we each brought to the online dating table where we first met in 2007. It started off the two of us trading stories and then singing them. And we’ve grown a sound now that serves the songs, with a band who bring colors in we never considered . We still write too much and release online too easily, but we seem to be getting heard.
E: Why The Grimm Generation?

GG: We felt we grew up at a strange age in time: post Free Love and firmly ensconced when Reagan was in the white house. Our older kin was squarely in the 70s drug culture and we got ‘just say no’. We felt gypped and decided to sing about it. Which is why so much of our material is based on the consequences of ‘kicks’. We are boho hedonists, but can’t help but feel guilty about it. We self-titled the age group The Grimm Generation, reflecting on how ‘we believe in fairy tales and we believe in nothing at all’.
E: What do you like best about being in a band?

GG:Starting something in the kitchen that ends up on the stage. Watching the songs flourish with the additional instruments and the way they make the song shine.

E: What do you dislike the most?
GG: The pay.

E: How does the songwriting process work for the band?

Carmen Champagne: All songs are written by both Jason and I. We pick through the best of them and send to Lys (guitars, banjo, bells, lapsteel, mandola), Eric (bass) and Julie (cello). And then, magic. We met everyone online or at gigs, so we didn’t have a long history with the band, but what they bring is the sound we needed, turning our acoustic threats into fully arranged promises. 

E: Your latest release is called Coming Home, how did that come about?

C C: Jason played with Adam Hagymasi in The Citizen Spy and kept in touch. Adam was a crazy-good guitar player. Adam offered to have us out to his place in Collinsville to record a couple songs. We jumped at the chance.
The songs were two new songs (Blink, Im Gone and Your Body Betrays You) we wrote and three old ones we loved and never had a chance to record. We went to Adam’s a couple of nights and recorded basic guitar and vocals to drum clicks and let Adam have at it. He created five beautiful pieces of work. Sound, stylistically, hitting upon different moods. Very Grimm mood music.

E: Any big plans for 2013?

GG: Recording the new CD is what we’re all about for 2013. We tend to turn gigs into themed events and we have a couple of those coming up as well. We try to make everything we do fun for us and hopefully that joy translates. So far, so good.

Shifting gears:

E: What is the first music you can remember hearing?

C C: AM pop/rock mixed in with the Morning Voice of WTIC and French Canadian pop tunes playing on my parents stereo.

Jason Klug: For me it’s my older sister play Black Sabbath ‘Volume 4’ and Deep Purple ‘Machine Head‘ while I played with the album covers.

E: When do you begin making music?

J K: I wrote my first song at 13 and did my first gig at 15 at a local teen center. I eventually learned to play some guitar and started writing solo around 18.

C C: When I met JPK.

E: Was there a moment, when you thought, this is it – this is what I’m meant to do?

GG: When we first got together, it was just one guitar and two singers writing something, hopefully meaningful…and kind of catchy. We love these songs like our dumb, errant children and as we meet people and play with them, the songs grow and learn to walk on their own. We thought (and maybe sometimes still think) our stuff is a little outside for rock. But when the songs hit people, lyrically, it gets meaningful.

E: Did you get much encouragement when you began playing music? Any discouragement?

GG: Liquid courage but no encouragement.

E: What music is in the Grimm Generation record machine these days?

GG: Well, the Grimm Generation, lol! But we also are digging The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Mountain Goats ‘All Hail West Texas‘. Also a lot of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone and M Ward.

E: Any music that you really dig that would surprise the casual observer of the band?

GG: Jason’s a big Belle and Sebastian fan. We both listen to a lot of Prince. Carmen enjoys some Goth industrial from time to time. We tend to wear our influences on our sleeve, like Morphine and Elvis Costello.

E: Social Media and other technology has changed the way music is made and distributed. This can be a good thing or a bad thing? Do you think the bad out weighs good or vice-verse?

GG: In our case, the internet has been good to us. It gave us the opportunity to present what we do without going through traditional channels. We adapted to what would ever get our songs heard. We met most of our band through social media. The internet has been good to us.

E: All things being equal and time and monetary restrictions aside, do you see The GG releasing tons of music in a short time or releasing less music to focus more on each song.

GG: The answer is always releasing tons of music in a short time. We’ve got words We are spazzes. It’s a core Grimm element.

E: If you could pull any band from any time to see play live, which band and from which part of their timeline would you choose? Not thinking in particular about an historic show but more a hypothetical scenario?

C C: Queen, 1977. One of my biggest regrets is not having been able to experience the super showmanship of Freddy Mercury live.

J K: Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Imperial Bedroom Tour…to me, Elvis and The Attractions were the hottest, ballsiest, smartest and most emotionally effective of rock bands.

The latest Release from The Grimm Generation is called Coming Home. It’s more of the brilliant and moody music we have come to expect from The Grimm Generation.  Check it out below.  We also have the video for the Blink, I’m Gone – the first song on the new record.


Don Ryan – Vultures (New Song Download + Video)

Some very eagerly awaited new music from Don Ryan comes to us by way of a new song called Vultures.  It is pretty wicked, bad (and by bad I mean awesome).  The song is available for pocket change at Bandcamp.  In conjunction with the song release, we get some behind-the-scenes footage of Don and his band in the studio.  So check it out and download the damn song.

While you are at it – if you haven’t go get the Don Ryan’s last album Tangle Town now!

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Cosmonauts "Cold Harbor" plus Free MP3

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A little over a month ago, we posted Cold Harbor, a brand new song from Glen Falls, New York band Cosmonauts along with an interview we did with Bill Hunsinger.  You can check out that interview here.

The band has been teasing the video for the song for a while.  Here’s what Bill had to say about it back back in August:

EttG:  What can you tell you about making the video?
C: That it was a lot of hard work! We filmed all of it, by ourselves, over the course of twenty hours, with multiple locations, tons of extras, and two fantastic actors (including our own guitarist James White). There’s a particularly gruesome scene at the end, and I think it makes for a powerful ending.
Here’s the sneak


You’ve been warned now go watch:  I’ve seen it, and it’s really, really good video.  To celebrate, the band is releasing a free download of the song for a limited time only – like get it now!  Here’s the info:
UPDATE: Here’s the Video:

Cosmonauts Official Music Video for “Cold Harbor” ©2012 CosmonautsMusic
Directed by Bill Hunsinger
Director of Photography: Garrett Bean


Download the band’s latest EP, “The Demise of Daniel Raincourt” for FREE:

For more info visit

COSMONAUTS “Cold Harbor”
I learned my lonely lesson at sixteen:
“The world is full of girls I’ll never touch.”
the devil is living inside my head,
And these thoughts won’t ever stop.

You learned your
pathetic lesson at seventeen:
“The world is full
Of girls you need to fuck.”

She wanted to be left alone,
But you crawled inside her womb.
Just give her some line,
Like “the stars shine only for you.”
Some girls just grow up lonely.
You know how to dress yourself
Like a man in your coward body.

Dispose of the body that you tore and used.
Her pregnancy’s a burden,
but not for you.
Filling the hills with mounting cries,
Only for the one time you need her.
The warm strain of her breath
In your ear.
Oh, time is running out…
Just give her a sound,

She needs to hear you now.
As you pour yourself a drink,
You know how to dress yourself
Like a man in your cowards body.
She wanted to be left alone,

but you crawled into her room.
Just give her some line,
Like “the stars shine only for you.”
Some boys just grow up lonely.
Oh you know how to dress yourself
Like a man in your cowards body.

Heavenly greens and blues
Float around your room.
I’m running out of time
To take what’s unholy mine.
I’m burning, burning for you.

Hellish whites and reds
Keep poring out of your head.
Oh, god, please sympathize
With your child, full of sin,
Before you bury me, banish me.

Crawl into her womb,
(you feel me, you feel me close)
Caress the warm bloody edge.
Leech her nutrients
(cold hands that sever the bones)
While a hanger rips open your head.
Oh, bleed for me, bleed for me dear.

Fluorescent blurry stars
(you feel me, you feel me close)
Float inside of her eyes.
Nurses push clear fluids
(cold hands that sever the bones)
Into a washed out skin.
You’re dying and dead to me.
Dying and dead to me.


South of Ramona – Step Inside EP (An Ear to the Ground Review)


Add the date above to your calendar of choice and set an alarm.  I’ll tell you why…

Step Inside is an invitation fraught with danger and mystery and wonder and unimaginable pleasure.  It also happens to the title of the forthcoming EP from Salt Lake City band South of Ramona, and the title fits this remarkable record.

South of Ramona was our Band of the Month for May.  They were also our last ever Band of the Week before we moved to the current Featured Artist format.  They did all this on the basis of a 5 song Demo they they released through the fine folks at Noisetrade. 

You have to understand that I loved the Demo.  I mean, I named them Band of the Week off of that set. Having said that, Step Inside is a gigantic step forward.  The band expands on their signature use of folk instrumentation playing rock leads with a confidence and a delicious taste of a sinister circus on the edge of the dusty plain they crossed on their Demo. 

More than once, I was reminded of Ear to the Ground favorite Don Ryan. 

Step Inside opens with a carny’s enticing come-on.  Ladies and Gentleman is a :25 second pitch which sets the tone for this tight, cohesive set. 

Carnival Court (Step Inside) is a dark, sideshow tent filled with those enticing hints while delivering with the band’s trademark attention to song and melody.  

Night descends on Purple Sky which starts with a chill-inducing intro before kicking into a creepy groove.  

The Lonesome Soul has a gypsy-like lilt, a persistent melody and a haunting vocal.

I, Narcissus starts with a nifty rock riff and breaks into a foot-stomping rave up with dark undertones.  Love this song!

The EP closes with Shangri-la which opens with plaintive whistling followed by a surf-guitar ready riff and more gypsyesque melodies which will have you dancing ’round the dying embers of the campfire as the last sparks float up into the air above the tents and wagons.

So yeah, back to the date at the beginning of this post.  Step Inside drops on August 1 which is just a few days off… so start saving your pennies and be the first on your block to own this record.  And spread the word.  Right now you can get a taste by downloading The Lonesome Soul using the widget below.  And then, when that alarm you set goes off next Wednesday you can go get the whole album.

The band will celebrate the release of the EP with an international tour (note the Vancouver date) – if you are in one of these cities go see them do there thing live.

8.3  Las Vegas @ Yayo Taco
8.4  Santa Monica @ TRiP
8.6  Fresno @ Babylon Club
8.7  San Francisco @ Grant & Green Saloon
8.8  Portland @ Mississippi Pizza Pub
8.9  Seattle @ El Corazon
8.10 Seattle @ The Triple Door
8.11 Seattle @ 2bit Saloon
8.12 Seattle @ Blue Moon Tavern
8.13 Vancouver @ The Cobalt
8.14 Spokane @ The Baby Bar
8.16 Boise @ The Crux
8.17 Salt Lake City @ The Woodshed

I will leave you now with South of Ramona’s take on the Jefferson Airplane classic Somebody to Love.  Enjoy!


MP3 & Video: Turbo Fruits and Bad Cop to Release Split 7" on Jeffery Drag Records

via Audible Treats:
Critical Praise for Turbo Fruits: 

“When he’s excited (like on the spastic album opener, ‘No Drugs To Use’), Stein sounds like a hoarse Henry Rollins. When he’s feeling mellow (as on the proto-grunge ‘Volcano’), a hint of Mark Arm’s cultivated ennui creeps into his voice.” Pitchfork

“Stein’s endlessly engaging melodic style gives nods to Bowie and even Elvis, plus there’s a sprinkling of psychedelic dynamism now and then.” – The Guardian

Critical Praise for Bad Cops: 

“It’s a soulful, greasy, howlin’ whiteboy kind of rant-rock that’s even greater than the sum of all its crazy parts, a frantic, no-holds-barred, ‘fuck the rules’ kind of album that we desperately need right now…” – Impose

The 7″:

Nashville garage rockers Turbo Fruits and Bad Cop are proud to announce the release of a split 7″ on Jeffery Drag Records, which is available for pre-order now. The albums will ship on July 15 and be in stores on July 31. There is a limited edition of 300 on clear vinyl. The tracks will be available on iTunes on July 15.

The Turbo Fruits track “Love Tennessee” is an anthem of sorts for the radical music scene currently bursting out of Nashville (JEFF the Brotherhood, Pujol, Natural Child) as exemplified by the lyrics, “Whiskey and Coke / Telling our jokes / This is the place to be / We love Tennessee / No place we’d rather be / No place like Tennessee / That’s where we’ll always be.”

Like their previous music videos, the video for Bad Cop‘s single “Wet Lips” also stars an attractive femme fatale and is slightly NSFW. The sixties garage rock sound is amplified by the swirling psychedelic footage- it’s a wild rock n’ roll party you’ll want to be invited to.

Turbo Fruits have been on tour with Deer Tick since April and Bad Cop recently toured with Cage the Elephant. Both bands will have full-length LPs out later this year.

Attention vinyl junkies: We have a limited amount of 7″s available for review-let us know if you’re interested and we’ll send you a copy.

Check out the premieres at Prefix:

Check out the “Wet Lips” video here