Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Weighty Matters Mix

Sending out lots of love this morning to Levon Helm on yesterday’s news that he is in “final stages” of his battle with cancer. Cancer just plain sucks, y’all.  Here is Levon Helm in action from the Band’s Last Waltz followed by an all-star rendition of the same song, The Weight, led by Elvis Costello and featuring Mr. Helm on drums.  Enjoy.
Record Store Day is just days away.  If you are in Nashville, you have some choices – The Groove in East Nashville has live music all-day.  Jack White’s Third Man Records doesn’t have the Killer this year, but they are offering a release of last years RSD performance, Great Escape has sales at all of their locations. For my money, though, no one on the planet does Record Store Day up right like Grimey’s New and Pre-Loved Music.  Check out this schedule:
RECORD STORE DAY 2012 @ Grimey’s!!! – Saturday, April 21st 10am-8pm

Live Bands and DJs:

11:30 – djb (dj set)
12:00 – Langhorne Slim
12:30 – Best of Bread (dj set)
1:00 – The Grenadines
1:30 – Chris Crofton
2:00 – Blouse
2:30 – Pimpdaddysupreme (dj set)
3:00 – Jeff the Brotherhood
3:30 – Geezus (dj set)
4:00 – Caitlin Rose
4:30 – Kelley Anderson of SGRRC (dj set)
5:00 – Pujol
5:30 – DJ SRC (dj set)
6:00 – Lovedrug
6:30 – Janet from Out the Other (dj set)
7:00 – Kansas Bible Company
Films in the Basement:
1:00 – Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost) — Bobby Bare Jr documentary (95 min)
2:45 – Andrew Bird: Fever Year — live concert documentary (81 min)
4:30 – Brick & Mortar & Love (documentary about indie record stores) (69 min)

Record Store Day releases go on sale at 10AM!!! Line forms in back, by the parking lot.
I’ll be there most of the day so if you stop by, come find me.  I may even have a freebie to give you.  I’ll be the guy who is trying to look like an aging hipster and failing so miserably that you won’t even be able to tell that that is what I am doing.  I’ll be crashing the stage for some photos and hope to do a recap by the end of the weekend.
Now to today’s list:
First Up is Book of James by the band We Are Augustines from Brooklyn, New York from their debut album Rise Ye Sunken Ships.  We Are Augustines rose from the ashes of the band Pela. The vocals and the expansive sound are reminiscent of The Call – but see what you think.
No Title (Molly)  is from a collection of demos called…er…Demos by composer John Maus.  Since it’s a demo, this track has an unfinished quality to it, and to be honest, I’m not sure I have the whole track or just a sample, but in any case, I like it.
Below is a link to 2011’s We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves by John Maus.
What’s next? Well, you see, next we have Lyle Lovett from his latest album, Release Me, doing a Lyle Lovetty cover of the Chuck Berry classic Brown Eyed Handsome Man
If this was a gossip blog, I might have stories to tell about Lyle Lovett, but it’s not so I’ll just tell you that I used to see him in the audience at basketball games when I was in college. Also, I was fortunate enough to have seen Lyle and his Large Band back in the early 90s.
And finally, yo man, the 1980s were rough. Yeah, yeah… we wore funny clothes and had weird hair-dos, but man let me tell you.  We didn’t have the internet or cell phones or HD Television. Yes, the 80s were rough, but it was a simpler time. Oh and pushing and struggling were involved. And, I know for someone of my particular age those were supposed to have been my glory days, but I prefer to believe my glory days are still arriving.
 Anyway, to get a taste of that decade (for those who weren’t there or can’t remember)… today we have a live version of Eighties by post-punkers Killing Joke. This is the song which may or may not have been appropriated by Nirvana for their song, Come As You Are.
So, yeah man, I survived the eighties. 
Affiliated Links:
Band of Skulls / Band Of Skulls & We Are Augustines Band of Skulls / Band Of Skulls & We Are Augustines
Band of Skulls at Commodore Ballroom Vancouver on 04/10/2012


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