Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Lights and Sirens Mix

blah blah blah…. some mornings the words just don’t want to come. And, I write anyway.  Sitting and thinking. I always think life would be easier if only… but the if only rarely comes around and when it does it never works they way I thought it would and also, there is always something more.
It’s when I can find some measure of peace in the moment I am living….
Monday morning – so everyone is dragging a bit. A gray day which doesn’t really help all that much, but there is supposed to be sunshine later:

The Replacements are up first with a song from their first LP, Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash.  Takin’ a Ride typifies the raucous early sound of the boys from Minneapolis. Looking back at their discography, it’s kind of amazing that there was just nine years between this album and All Shook Down.

(Click, purchase & download an expanded version of Sorry Ma with 31 songs)

Lone Justice are up next with a nifty little rave up from their second album Shelter, it’s I Found Love . As always Maria McKee is in fine voice and I dare you not to tap you feet to this one.

  (Click, purchase & download Shelter now)

Marshall Crenshaw, now, with a live version of his Life’s Too Short song, Fantastic Planet of Love.  This one comes from the 2004 Razor & Tie release Live…my truck is my home

(click, purchase & download Live…my truck is my home now)

 Finally, just some syrupy ear candy to round out the days selection. I know songs like this turn off some of my regular readers, but I freely admit, I’m a total sucker for silly pop songs.  Wham! were all the rage back in my young life, while I was trying to stay cool and maintain my musical creds, I’m pretty sure I danced around my room to this one… but that’s a story for another blog post… I give you Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go from Make it Big

  (click, purchase & download the song here-come on, you know you want to… :-))

 Whoa, quite a ride from Replacements to Wham! Until next time, “Jitterbug into my heart…”

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