Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Paisley Dragon Mix

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Good morning!  It’s a beautiful day here in Music City USA. Working on an amazing mix of songs to add to the playlist tonight – hopefully.  We still have lots to talk about – still two nights of Americana Fest to write about – hopefully I’ll finish before next year’s fest.  We have a generous offer for an interview that we need to get our stuff together and do.

Tomorrow night we are taking part in the World Premier of the new video from Cosmonauts. We brought you the premier of the song, Cold Harbor along with an interview with the band.  Now, the video is ready – we got a sneak peek and it’s amazing, but does contain some graphic and disturbing images… but if you’re up for that, tune in tomorrow.

Our friend’s The Dead Exs have a new album out called, Relovolution. We already brought you the title track. The album is a nice complement to the band’s debut Resurrection – offering a filthy and beautiful blend of rocking blues.  Visit the band’s website for more info.  Right now, the band is tearing up the Lonestar State and playing some dates with the great Ray Wylie Hubbard.


We shuffles up our Revolving Random playlist and came up with this mix today:

First up, we have a song from the 1984 self-titled debut by Red Hot Chili Peppers.  True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes is a funky, bit of post-punk L.A. rock music. Did you know that Guitarist Hillel Slovak did not appear on this record due to contractual obligations to the band What is This?  

So… Who’s Next? Exactly.  Okay  I’ll stop.  Next, we have Baba O’Riley, the classic song from the classic 1971 Who’s Next album by The Who.

Next we have a 1990s cover of an early 80s song.  The Muffs’ version of Kim Wilde’s first single, Kids in America, was originally released on the soundtrack to the 1995 film Clueless, and was later released on the band’s album Hamburger

Finally, we close out with a classic Nashville rock track.  This one comes from the self-titled major label debut by a band called Royal Court of China. The band included members of popular Nashville thrash band The Enemy.  The record included hard rocking songs and more Southern Gothic folk stuff.  The band split after this record with members taking the RCC name further into a Hard Rock direction on the follow up album Geared and Primed, and other members forming The Shakers who followed that Southern Gothic strain to it’s conclusion with a album called Songs from Beneath the Lake. Today, we have the instrumental track, Townsend, TN, which shows off that gothic folk side of the band.

Couldn’t find a video for Townsend, TN so here’s a different RCC song.



Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Best I Ever Had Mix

No question, the year is winding down. I’ve been spending some download bucks I got for Christmas and I received the annual mix CD from one of the music gurus from my youth.
Reflect on what has come before, but more so on what is yet to come (in the New Year). 2011 has been a challenging year in many ways, but it has been good, and even better things are in store for 2012.  Ear to the Ground strives to be forward thinking while keeping a foot well grounded in musical history.   Today’s mix offers a bit of both…
Songs 1 and 3 this a.m. come from the Classic album Who’s Next – which I recently realized I did not have a digital copy of. I swear I had the CD at some point, but it never made it into my MP3 collection.  I have since rectified that omission. Bargain and Baba O’Riley are two tracks on the album which has been one of my all-time Faves for some time.

(you can click on the album cover to purchase and download from for just $5.00 USD)

Track 2 is a cover song. Youth Lagoon is the stage name of Trevor Powers who debuted in 2011.  Here he offers up a sweet, sweet cover of the John Denver classic Goodbye Again.

 (clicky on the album cover to grab John Denver’s Greatest Hits at Amazon (and/or click on this album cover to purchase and download Youth Lagoon’s The Year of Hibernation)

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