Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Superstar Mix

We’ve reached the end of the week.  To get us into the weekend, I have a long list of additions to the E2TG Hall of Fall, and a pretty sweet little music shuffle.

E2TG Hall of Fame:
13. The Foresters (Bethany, CT) (ed. note: Some may say they are too young for a Hall of Fame, but it’s my Hall of Fame, and by their inspiring dedication to their craft, they have already earned their place – even as I acknowledge their best work is ahead of them – I think that is true for most if not all of our inductees)
14. Those Mockingbirds (Montclair, NJ)
15. You and Me (Montreal, QC)
16. MAKAR (New York, NY)
17. The Gypsy West (Brooklyn, NY)
18. Tipi Valley (Swansea, UK)
19. Jo Wymer (Freehold, NJ)
20. Sci-Fi Romance

The inductees will continue. There are still some major favorites of mine who have not been added  yet.  Rest assured this will be rectified sooner than later.  I want to make more progress on the Hall of Fame Page before I add too many more. 

Here’s the Shuffle-

“Superstar” by Sonic Youth (from If I Were a Carpenter.  Sonic Youth covering Richard and Karen Carpenter’s 70s era hit song.)

“Waitin'” by Caitlin Rose (from Goodbye Summer: 2013 ATO Fall Sampler.  From her latest album The Stand-In.)

“Against the Sky” by Theory of Machines (from EP1.  Another track by this awesomely dark and cinematic band from London – mostly instrumental with some spoken words.)

“Work” by The End Men (a-side to the Work single.  The latest music from our first Hall of Fame inductees. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the incredible video for “Work” which is included in our daily video playlist below.)

“Heat Wave” by The All-About (from Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen: Section 4.  From Fairfield, CT.  “Dance music written and recorded by people who can’t dance for people who can’t dance.” It’s no wonder I dig this.)

“Winter Pockets” by Wild Child (from Pillow Talk. A perfect song for this frosty morning. Austin based Indie Folk.)



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Ears of a Clown Mix

Off work today, and time is short anyway….  go figure.

E2TG HALL OF FAME – (more)

10.  The Danbury Lie (New Haven, CT)
11. The Great American Novel (New York, NY)
12. Mark Robinson (Nashville, TN)

I’m actually making progress  (a little) on the Hall of Fame Page.

Quick shuffle after the jump

“Telephone” by The Morning Pages (the Lady Gaga song.  It’s definitely a roots/Americanaish take on the song, but for some reason, I can’t help thinking that it sounds like if More Songs era Talking Heads covered this song after a long night of listening to Gram Parsons and Uncle Tupelo.  Or something.  I love it.)

“One More Try” by The Silks  (This Providence, RI band does a nifty cover of a Stones song.  Nifty indeed.)

“The Escape” by Wild Child (from Pillow Talk)

“Fall Around” by False-Heads (from Tunnel Vision)

“Moving On” by Andrew Ferris (from Yellow Lorry)

“Highway to Hell” by Bhi Bhiman (from Substitute Preacher.  The St. Louis, MO singer/songwriter takes on the AC/DC classic, and totally owns it.)

“Cold War World Peace” by Fromage Bleu (from the  Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen Compilation Section 4 – The triumphant return of 80’s minimal synth legends, Colchester’s very own Fromage Bleu.)



Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Retreat Mix

Extended drive this a.m. means an extended Shuffle – so let’s get to it – jump to the shuffle after the break

“Love is God” by Majestico (See – this is what Rock and Roll sounds like. Pure adrenaline and fun. Nashville is home to some incredible bands who do not featured a banjo or a fiddle. Majestico are on the Jeffery Drag Records label)

“Come to My Party” by Black Joe Lewis (this version is off of the recently released Eastside Manor Sessions which is out now on Noisetrade. Black Joe Lewis are red hot right now, and they recently played a show here in Nashville with Jeffery Drag Records flagship artist Bad Cop)

“Nature Without Man” by Minutemen (from the classic 1984 album Double Nickels on the Dime. It’s been nearly 28 years since the world lost D. Boon, and yet this music sounds as fresh as ever.)

“Camellia” by Jesse Turits (another from the Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen compilation. Good stuff from this young Jersey singer/songwriter)

“Travelling Alone” by Jason Isbell (from one of this year’s best – Southeastern comes this heartbreaking song of yearning.)

“Never Too Far” by Moovalya (the first of two rockers from the self-titled album from this band from Arizona)

“Last Day” by The Danbury Lie (another from ?. The Danbury Lie are playing with The Grimm Generation on October 25 at café nine in New Haven, Connecticut. Two of our favorites sharing a stage!)

“Somebody Like You” by Katey Laurel (the Denver singer/songwriter with a song from her From Here album – gorgeous music.)

“Letting Go” by New Victorians (from II. Cinematic indie music)

“To the Throne” by Moovalya (The single from the album)

“Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” by Neko Case (a stunning cover of the Tom Waits song.)

“Retreat” by Minutemen (another by the post-punk legends)

“After Eliot” by Johnny Flynn (from Country Mile. Johnny Flynn just writes and sings some amazingly awesome melodies)

“Pillow Talk” by Wild Child (the title track from the album by Austin Based Wild Child)

“Agua Dulce Tears” by Susan James (from Driving Toward the Sun. This is one of our favorite albums of the year, and it’s no wonder with incredible songs like this one.)

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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Spice of Life Mix

As usually seems to be the case, I added a ton of new music to my active playlist last night, and not one of the new songs ended up in this morning’s shuffle. Rest assured they will turn up sooner or later.


What’s exciting to me about today’s shuffle is that every song in the mix is either new, relatively new or at least new to me. It also excites me that there is such an incredible variety to the music.

Well – enough vagueness… Jump past the break to see today’s Morning Shuffle:

“March” by prattle on, rick. (another from A Decade Begins. My shuffle function has been in love with prattle on, rick lately, and I couldn’t be happier. There is a gentle uplifting quality to his sound that has been much needed.  A Decade Begins features an instrumental song for each month of the year. Here in Tennessee, March still has the potential for extreme cold, but we also get our first real taste of the coming spring. I felt that hope in this composition)  (Nashville, TN)

“Tha’s what She Say” by Wild Child (from Pillow Talk. A love the vintage sound of this song – complete with the doo wop harmonies.) (Austin, TX)

“Stuck” by The Coal Men (from Escalator. To my chagrin, I missed last night CD release party for this record, so think of this as a consolation prize. I’m continuing to love this album, and I encourage you – dear reader – to check it out.) (Nashville, TN)

“Thin Edge of a Knife” by James Crawford (from James Crawford. With release just a couple of days away, I’m happy another song from this remarkable album came up. There is a Tin Pan Alley quality to this song in particular – a lament of sorts for the things we used to do. I also see this album as another vindication for the openness I’ve tried to practice in writing this blog. With every bit of new music that comes my way – no matter how it gets to me, I have trained myself to be prepared to be blown away. In ways, I don’t completely understand, this approach has allowed me to hear some amazing music. Yes, occasionally, I will check out the music of someone who follows me on Twitter and discover it to be mostly poor quality covers of overplayed Popular songs. But to a much greater extent, I hear talented people  – putting themselves on the line, and trying to make genuine heart-felt music. So, when someone I know from my high school days says he is putting out an album – hell yes, I want to hear it. And in this case, I want to share it with all of you.)  (Nashville, TN)

“The Mountain” by The Black Market Merchants (from the Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen compilation. I think I first came across this hard blues rock band from NYC via Papa Tune’s blog. Even if that is not the case, the odds make it a no-brainer guess.) (New York, NY)

“Hope and Promise” by prattle on, rick. (from Some Quiet Majesty. More prattle on, rick. love from my shuffle function. This one is from the recently released new album.)  (Nashville, TN)

“It’s Not That I Still Love You” by Oh! My Blackbird (another from the Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen Comp. This alt-folk trio make music that is lyrical and fun) (New York, NY)

“Fuct Up” by Moovalya (from Moovalya. Sometimes you just need to rock really hard. You just do. You know me, I love all kinds of music, and I am a big fan of some really sweet, gentle, soft, melodic and beautiful songs. But, because variety is the spice of life… this band came to my attention  via a Twitter Follow, and this is the first song of theirs to show up in a Shuffle. You are Welcome.) (Phoenix, AZ)

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Today’s Video Playlist


Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Or Else… Mix

We are back after a couple of days where I was not able to post + a weekend….  We have 12 cool songs to get us back on track…

JUMP to it!

“Elm Street” by The Danbury Lie (a short, kind of creepy little tune from this Connecticut band – headed up by Robert Loncto)
“Co-Star” by Let’s Active (our survey of Cypress+Afoot continues)
“Good Luck Charm” by The Dirty Guv’nahs (more silky smooth soulful southern rock from this Knoxville band)
“My Guitar” by James Crawford (His self-titled album is due out in just about a week.  Preview using the widget just below)
“Something to Blame” by The Gradients (another from the Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen compilation)
“May” and “June” by prattle on, rick (a couple of spring/summer songs from his ambitious A Decade Begins album)
“After the Glitter Fades” by Stevie Nicks (some cool California music from the early 80s. Honestly, this is more “country” than at least 80% of what gets passed off as Country these days. – Old man rant ends now)
“Day Dreamer” by Wild Child (another nifty song from this cool record by this awesome Austin band)
“I Will” by Sebadoh (from the new album, Defend Yourself, from Lou Barlow’s 25 year old Dinosaur, Jr. “side project”)
“Downfall” by Monks of Mellonwah (from “Afraid to Die“.  This progressive and pretty darn cool Australian band is releasing their next album, Turn the People, as a series of EP releases.  We previously featured some songs from the first EP of the set – called Ghost Stories. This is our first taste of the 2nd EP – called Afraid to Die) which was just released last week.)
“Memphis Won’t Leave Me Alone” by Mark Robison (going back to his first solo album – Quit Your Job – Play Guitar)
Here is the daily video playlist



Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Melon Farmer Mix

Let’s jump back into the Shuffles with an extended mix of music.

As usual, time is short – so no dilly-dallying.  Which is a shame, really, because I am so good at dilly-dallying….

JUMP to the tunage!

“Just Poppin’ Out To Fight a War” by Cropdusters (we grabbed this off the September edition  of the Feel Bad for You monthly mixtape.  Don’t know much about this band – except they were British and were under-appreciated in their day.)

“Separations” by Diarrhea Planet (The red hot Nashville band with the attention grabbing name.  My advice – get past the name and dig the music. – On Infinity Cat Records)

“Love Has No Pride” by Linda Ronstadt (‘Cause seriously, seriously – what other blog will transition naturally and unironically from Diarrhea Planet to Linda Ronstadt?  No offense to other music blogs, but when it comes to awkward and bizarre transitions – there aren’t many who can (or who want to) touch E2TG)

“Everyone Knows” by Ghost Pal (Another from the Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen Section 4 compilation.  Ghost Pal are from Brooklyn and they rock in the funkiest, coolest way possible)

“Mrs. Wurley” by Humming House (from a Noisetrade live album. Nashville neo-traditionalists offer up more of what they do better than most)

“I Shall Be Released” by The Box Tops (Alex Chilton and company cover Dylan. Need I say more?)

“Every Mile” by The Parson Red Heads (A Portland band from a Paste Magazine sampler)]

“Dropped the Pop” by Killing Kuddles (one of my favorites from his Odd Man Out EP. Come to think of it, I think I’ve said this about almost every song on the record. And I meant it, too!)

“Repo Man” by Those Darlins (To help celebrate the release of the landmark Blur the Lines album by the Nashville favorites – how ’bout we check out their cover of the Iggy Pop song from the Soundtrack to the 1984 Alex Cox film. Bonus points if you understand how the subtitle of this post and the movie are related)

“Real Estate” by Wild Child (the more I hear from this Austin band, the more I like)

“Every Time I See a Plane” by Casey Black (really dig this song by the Nashville singer/songwriter)

“Rhymin’ and Stealin'” by Beastie Boys (’cause. Just ’cause.)

“Requiem for the Disconsolate” by James Crawford (’cause sometimes when the heavy metal kid from high school grows up and makes a record… I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite albums of the autumn.  Official release is just a few weeks away)

“See See See” by Ani Difranco (a live version of a non-album cut. From a recent Noisetrade sampler)

“Ava” by prattle on, rick (from his brand new album Some Quiet Majesty. Another new favorite of mine)

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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Rock Light Drive Mix

Short on time today  – The Shuffle is after the JUMP

Good stuff follows!

“Rock and Roll Eyes” by Centro-Matic  (I want to take this opportunity to let you know that the Vol. 2 for Nuci’s Space presented by Country Fried Rock is out and ready for your purchase via Bandcamp – $5.00 or MORE  emphasis on the MORE. It’s a great cause and some great music has been donated for this effort. Including a song by Centro-Matic – which made this a great segue.)

“Light On” by Bad Cop  (If I’m not mistaken. Bad Cop are doing a free in-store at The Groove in East Nashville on Saturday.  You may or may not remember that Bad Cop were a featured artist on E2TG about a year ago.  Adam of Bad Cop is the founder of Jeffery Drag Records)

“Driving Toward the Sun” by Susan James (The title track to one of favorite albums of 2013)

“Dream Lover” by Big Star (a bonus track from the 1990s era reissue)

“Your Arrows” by Milktooth (another Nashville band that we’ve recently become acquainted with.  Check them out!)

“Whiskey Dreams” and “I’ll Figure You Out” by Wild Child  (A pair of songs from the album Pillow Talk by this fine Austin band.)

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