Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Reflections Mix

A lot of ground to cover….  as promised, I added a virtual ton of music to the playlist – 196 songs in all bringing the total before today’s post of 471 songs – which I think is a record.

First off – you have to understand that Lou Reed tributes are not going to stop anytime soon.  His death seemed to affect people who make and listen to all kinds of music.  Today, we have a very special video offered as a tribute to Mr. Reed.  It’s a cover of the Velvet Underground classic (aren’t they all?) and one of my favorites (I know I say this about quite a few VU and Reed songs – but really I mean it) – “I’ll Be Your Mirror” here performed by Richard Barone with the amazing Jane Scarpantoni on Cello from the 25th  Anniversary concert for one of the most lovely records ever made (Cool Blue Halo).  Richard Barone (Bongos) is offering up the song as a tribute to his late friend and influence.

Now – let’s get to the shuffle…. we have a long one today – so join me after the JUMP

“Bumming Me Out” by The Great American Novel (from 😦 .  )

“Love You Strongly” by Amy Stroup (from The Other Side of Love – Session Two.)

“Wilbur Mountain (2012)” by Darrin Bradbury (from NEW!!!!The Almost Great Crepe’s (Demos). Darrin Bradbury was in Big Wilson River who we have featured before. Word has it he has upped and relocated from New Jersey to Nashville.  Nashville take notice!  I love the spoken/story/song featured here.  It makes me think of Gary Larson (The Far Side) meeting Larry McMurtry kind of… and in case you don’t know that would be a damn fine thing indeed.)

“Break it Up” by Grounded (from an untitled album released 10/31/2013.  Careful and dedicated listeners may remember that E2TG featured the young Florida band Grounded sometime last year. Well, they are back with some new music, and it’s a good reminder of why I was so impressed by this band.)

“Pawnshops” by Todd Farrell Jr. and the Dirty Birds (from All Our Heroes Live in Vans.  Todd Farrell is one of the brightest lights in a stunning bright Nashville music scene. Flat out great song here. This one also came out on Halloween.)


“Golem” by Black Joe Lewis (from Electric Slave.  I can’t stop listening to this funky Texas rocker.)
“Femme Fatale” by Big Star (from Third/Sister Lovers.  What more can be said an iconic band, doing a cover of an iconic song. It’s from the equally iconic Third album by Big Star from Memphis.  Do I need to say that it’s a Velvet Underground cover.)
“Cohesion” and “Please Don’t Be Gentle with Me” by Minutemen (from Double Nickels on the Dime.  Back to back songs from the Post-Punk masterpiece. A study in contrast)
“All Dolled Up” by Penicillin Baby (from Jams: Volume III. More Psyched out ear candy from this amazing Nashville band – via Jeffery Drag Records)
“God Bows to Math” by Minutemen (from Double Nickels on the Dime.  And a third song from this album for good measure. ’cause why the hell not?)
“Real Child of Hell” by X (from Under the Big Black Sun. From the LA punk band’s third album and major label debut.  Ray Manzarek back behind the boards for the third time)
“To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have a Nice Time)” by The Jam (from All Mod Cons. This is the modern world.)
“Beware of a Dog” by EdTang (from Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner.  Another great song from this Asbury Park band.  We’ve been digging this album for a while.)
“Tennessee Whiskey and Me” by Jenny Leigh (from Tipping Point.  Miss Shevaughn introduced me to Jenny Leigh at The Basement last month.  She has recently relocated from D.C. to Nashville, and I hope to catch her playing around town some time.)
“Witches” by The Danbury Lie (from ?.  The spooky opening track from the latest full length release from The Danbury Lie.)



Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Adaptation Mix

Here at E2TG we are all about adapting to circumstances beyond our control. Most of our best ideas were born out of necessity…

With my earphones still on the fritz (although I’m suspecting it may be the earphone jack – which would suck since I’m just 10 months or so into a two year contract…), I decided to make some changes.

The first part of today’s mix came from a drive across town I took last night while the second part is from this morning’s commute.  It all washes out, and we have 12 great songs for your enjoyment and edutainment.

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“Ain’t No Sunshine” by Humming House (Humming House are a great Nashville band that recently added the amazing Leslie Rodriquez to their line-up – trust me, this is a very good thing.  This cover of the Bill Withers’ song, is from the pre-Leslie era, and a nice way to introduce the band.  E2TG trivia – our good friends Valued Customer also have a cover of this song)

“Stand Your Ground” by Killing Kuddles (from the fabulous Odd Man Out EP)

“Little Bit of White Trash” by Jeff Porter (great song – the video in the Playlist features Bob Walkenhorst who was in the great band, The Rainmakers)

“Lights On (Two Fresh Remix) by Bad Cop (former Featured Artist at E2TG – Bad Cop are rising stars out of the Nashville Indie scene. From the recent Jeffery Drag Sampler – the label was created by Bad Copy frontman Adam Moult.)

“Weird Weather” by Tim Lee 3 (Another great one from our Knoxville friends – “been some weird, weird weather hangin’ over my house.”)

“You’re No Good” by Linda Ronstadt (A classic by the amazing Ms. Ronstadt. Sending out all good thoughts and prayers to her (she recently announced her diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease which has left her unable to sing) – and lots and lots of gratitude for the great music she gave us.)

 “I See Red” by X (It is darn near impossible to listen to this song and not move your feet. One of the fastest songs on More Fun in the New World) – takes us into this mornings Music


After we concluded “I See Red”…

“XXXtra Dreamy” by Dead Pop Stars Society from Dead Pop Stars Society (due out tomorrow)


Dead Pop Stars Society  is the new collaboration between MF Rex and Salvador G, founders of NYC DJ crew Automatic Reaction. The entire album offers a relentless collection of mad beats, hyper-familiar samples, and some amazing sounds.  It’s a wild ride to be sure.

“Last Stop” by Black Jake and the Carnies from Watching, Waiting (2013)


Up next are our friends from Ypsilanti, Michigan with, Last Stop, a locomotive powered instrumental from their recent Watching, Waiting EP – one our favorites of 2013.

“Lincoln” by EdTang from Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner (2012)


I’m really getting into this EdTang record with the strange title, if you haven’t done so, please check it out.
“Dublin Blues” by Guy Clark from Dublin Blues (1995)

Ahhhhhhhhhh…. just a comfortably amazing song… – the video is from a legendary show recorded in 1995 at the Bluebird Café with Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, and Clark. 

“Squirm” by Marla Mase from Speak Deluxe (2013)


We close out this days music with Marla Mase doing Squirm – “Like a worm”


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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Nearly Perfect Mix

Convergence of everything good…. a perfect storm of wonderment…

Year of October at Douglas Corner 6/27/2013

Today is like a near perfect early October morning and here it is mid August!  The mix of songs that shuffled out of my MP3 player was almost as perfect as the weather.  I can’t wait to bring it to you, and so I won’t.

Be prepared – after the jump…

So when I say it is a near perfect mix, what do I mean and why is it not a perfect mix?  First of all, I’m not sure a perfect mix is even a thing. To me, it’s kind of like those “definitive” lists you see all the time on Facebook or wherever – “Top 10 Guitarist of All Time” – “Beatles Albums from Worst to Best” or whatever. Whenever I read these lists, it is almost guaranteed that there will be at least a couple of items that are questionable if not downright objectionable. So for my near perfect list, how can I call it perfect if it doesn’t have The Minutemen or Townes or The End Men or Valued Customer or Don Ryan or whomever? 

Why this mix is near perfect: It was a perfect storm of an almost unbelievingly gorgeous day and a succession of songs that seemed to flow perfectly. Plus, it includes some of my favorite people that I’ve met through this blog.

Such a near perfect mix deserves more than the usual list format – so indulge me a bit.

The Near Perfect Mix:

I first heard about the new album by Those Darlins back in the spring. I was excited because I love Those Darlins who always bring the right combination of sass and twang.  A few weeks back, I was driving home from work, and as I passed Grimey’s New and Preloved Music as I do almost every day, I saw this huge poster on the side of the building. Turns out this was the cover image of the new Those Darlins album – a very revealing image at that.  So, I finally got my hands on the first song from the record “Oh God” which happens to be the first song in this morning’s mix. Despite my high expectations (did I mention I love Those Darlins?) this song does not disappoint. To me, it’s one of those great songs that sounds like it has always existed.  We shall have to wait until October for Blue the Lines to be released.  BTW, the very revealing cover image is featured in the PLAYLIST posted at the end of this post. So, we warned or notified. 

Calexico is another band I dig. For some unknown reason, they’ve always flown a little under my radar, but every single time one of their songs comes up, I think “Why don’t I listen to these guys more often” which is exactly what I was thinking as I listened to “Splitter” which I got from a Noisetrade ANTI Records Summer Sampler and which is taken from the band’s most recent album Algiers which was released almost a year ago.  The song flowed beautifully from “Oh, God”.

When the familiar blues riff of Year of October‘s song “Black Hearted Man” came up, I began to suspect that this mix was going to be special. Nashville-based, Year of October, which is fronted by husband and wife – Josh and Phlecia Sullivan, are working on their next album. This song comes from the album Stories. Very quickly, Year of October have become one of my favorite bands.

At this point, it is almost like a perfect game, and I hate that I’ve noticed the near perfection because the wrong song could throw the whole thing off. Keep in mind, that I add the songs that make up the Playlist, and I don’t put bad songs on the playlist, but this mix was so perfect that the wrong song (even if it was a great song) could really mess things up.

Which makes it ever so sweet when “Monkey Dance” from Tim Lee 3‘s Devil’s Rope comes up. By now, I hope I’ve made it clear how much I love Tim Lee 3.  Besides the great music they make, they are really awesome human beings.  “Monkey Dance” is just a flat out great song which addresses some realities of the music business and does so in a way that is so much fun and makes me want to dance around.

One thing I didn’t know until recently is that Tim Lee was a onetime de-facto member of the iconic 80s band, Let’s Active. So, it is fitting that we follow up Tim Lee 3 with  “Edge of the World” which was on the 1983 Afoot EP. As you probably know, founding member Faye Hunter recently and tragically took her own life recently. Therefore, this makes it good time to direct you to the second volume of Country Fried Rock’s benefit for Nuci’s Space – an Athens, GA based organization which specifically addresses Suicide Prevention for Musicians.  I posted about the first volume when it was released last year.  If you pre-order Vol. 2 right now, you can get a free download of the first Volume.

So as “Edge of the World” finished up, I arrived at the parking lot, and I breathed a little sigh or relief, no matter what came next, I had a near perfect Pre-Shuffle.

But, the near perfect mix wasn’t done yet. Taco Land has been on my radar since the first year of this blog. When they dropped their latest album, Pancakes and Pizza, I knew I was in for a treat. The album featured some more hard hitting music than I had come to expect from Taco Land, but it is very much as good as I have come to expect. “Machine Gun”, our track today,  is great representation of the album.

Recently, I began adding some of my all-time favorite music into the Playlist – it’s always fun when a classic song comes up in the mix, and it is interesting how the “old” stuff sounds along side all the great new music (and vice-versa).  Besides, Let’s Active, the most recent “classic” album added was More Fun in the New World by X. “Painting the Town Blue” came up today and it sounded great in the middle of this awesome mix of music.

When someone named Elwood Kuddles – who performs under the moniker Killing Kuddles – asks you to listen to his music, you don’t hesitate. Well, I honestly don’t know what you would do, but I didn’t hesitate, and I can recommend you do the same.  Killing Kuddles has become another of our favorite artists. Punkish Troubadour Alternative Folk Music for the rapidly aging millennium. He released an EP called Odd Man Out back in the spring, and we actually did a dual non-shuffle review of that album along with the latest Taco Land. “Not Coming Back” is an energetic fireball of a song – I  love it!

The Killing Kuddles song almost got me all the way to the office, and given the near perfect streak, I almost cut off the Shuffle after that song, but I’m glad I didn’t.  And so, on this near perfect morning, my near perfect mix came to a near perfect end with a near perfect song from a near perfect album by a near perfect band – another of our favorite artists from one of our top albums of the year so far. “Santa Cruz” by The Imperial Rooster from Cluckaphony.  Ah… sweet near perfection….

Our Near Perfect Playlist

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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Flood Warning Mix

And the rains came down….

Buckets of rain…


http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.jsIt’s a rainy day in Nashville.  A good day for sleeping… a good die for a music shuffle (everyday…)

Music – after JUMP


“Come on Back” by Amy Stroup (Stroup is part of the Ten out of Tenn collective, and she is also 1/2 of Sugar and The Hi Lows – a band we featured last year).

“Any Day Now” by Tim Lee 3 (Another from Devil’s Rope)

“This is My Heart” by The Dirty Guv’nahs (two in a row from Knoxville, Tennessee)

“True Love” by X  (The Devil drives a Buick, sits inside and eats lunch…  by the way, I am aware that the video in the Playlist is actually True Love Pt. 2)

“Willamette Valley Ballad” by Perhapst (A song from the new album by this Decemberists off-shoot)


“Temptation” by The Dirty Guv’nahs from Somewhere Beneath These Southern Skies (2012)

You can get the latest album from The Dirty Guv’nahs for Free from Noisetrade (remember to Tip if you are able and/or Share, Share, Share)

“Horses” by Sean Rowe from The Salesman and the Shark (2012)


Rowe is a alternative folk singer-songwriter from Troy, New York.  This song comes from his 2012 album and you can currently grab it on a ANTI Records Sampler via Noisetrade using the widget above.

“Wrong Way Street” by The End Men from Play With Your Toys (2013)

(click the album cover to buy the album)

Our friends The End Men released this song around July 4, 2012.  A powerful song that highlights the most significant threat to our freedom.  It’s a stand out on one of our favorite albums of the year so far. An excellent way to end the Shuffle…



Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Godard Mix

Why Godard? Why not Godard? !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”);Plus today’s mix includes a song which was on the soundtrack of an movie that was a remake of a Godard film…

https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.jsThis year has been incredibly busy and has left little time for reflection. It’s been a great year for music – both in terms of great new music from “old” friends and great music from new friends.  I’ve done a massive overhaul of the Playlist from which the daily mixes are drawn.  As always  I will be adding new music as it comes to me, but I’ve stocked up the playlist with some of our favorites from 2013 so far…

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–> Today’s mix begins after the jump:


* “Play With Your Toys Pt. 1” by The End Men

*”Ornamental” and “Grey Scale” by Let’s Active (for Faye Hunter)

*”Breathless” by X (Jerry Lee Lewis (Otis Blackwell) cover – featured in the 1983 film Breathless which was a remake of a 1960 Jean-Luc Godard film)



“Double Brahma” by Valued Customer from Kalpa (2013)

More sheer brilliance from these Toronto kids. “live for the present like a kid at christmas speaking in tongues my flow french kisses “

“By My Side” by Aaron and the Spell 

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Some kick ass Philly Soul – check out these guys!

“Stained Glass Window” by Courier from Cathedrals of Color (2013)

<iframe e56-3ecf-4313-888e-119456b79ee2="" noisetrade.com="" service="" src="http://noisetrade.com/service/widgetv2/51934e56-3ecf-4313-888e-119456b79ee2” width=”300″ height=”375″ scrolling=”no” frameBorder=”0″>

A recent discovery.  A “big music” alternative band from Austin. 


 “Play With Your Toys Pt. II” by The End Men from Play With Your Toys (2013)

We close out today’s set of music with Pt. II – we began with Pt. I. How appropriate*

The End Men have both their EP and this album up for Sale on their Bandcamp Page – at Name Your Price.  As always, I encourage you to 1. get this album and 2. as you are able, give generously.  The End Men have pre-announced a big announcement for September 1 and could use your support.   You can go back and read everything I’ve written about this band and this album.  The remain the number one most frequent tag on Ear to the Ground.

They also have a spiffy new website – check it out










Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Yapping Dog Mix

 Well – no school today – so back to my “summer” commute and a longer set of music…

Jump to get to it!


  • Can’t See the Stars” by He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister
  • “That’s When I Crash” by Bleu
  • “We’re Having Much More Fun” by X
  • “All the Sad Young Literary Men” by The Great American Novel
  • “Dig Together” by Casey Black
  • “Kissing” by The Great American Novel
  • “Searchin’ For the Satellites” by Bleu
  • Honeysuckle Dervish” by McNary


  • “This Song is Not Called Pickle Chin” by The Blind Owl Band from This Train We Ride is Made of Wood and Steel (2013)
In case you were wondering, this song is not called Pickle Chin – so get that thought out of your head.  The Saranac Lake, NY string band doing there thing on this penultimate track from their recent album. 

  • “Wishing Well” by Vetiver from American Songwriter: The Best of American  Songwriter Sessions” (2013 Noisetrade release)


A stripped down version from American Songwriter Sessions. The song was originally the A-side of 2009 Limited Edition vinyl single released for RSD 2011.

  • “Midland” By Sam Morrow from True North EP (2013)
From Venice, California. A superlative folk singer-songwriter. True North – his debut EP – is out exclusively on Noisetrade.

  •  “Kingston Advice” (Clash Cover) by Camper Van Beethoven from The Sandinista Project (2007)

    “Kingston Advice” was the fifth song on the fifth side of landmark 1980 album Sandinista! by The Clash.  This 2007 tribute album features an all-star cast.  Here – the legendary band Camper Van Beethoven bring the dub in a killer version of this song. Since we could not find a video of this song, we included one for the Clash original and a bonus video of Camper Van Beethoven covering another Clash song.

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Out of the Starlight Inn Mix

On a road… JWM 7/28/2013
Short on time – the music is next



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